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January 16, 2007

Alicia Molik


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. What was the most pleasing part of that game, apart from getting through it?
ALICIA MOLIK: I think walking out there and feeling really calm and really at home. It felt like an environment that I belonged in really.
And obviously that's what I've missed in the last couple years. But I had a real sense of calmness about myself walking out to Rod Laver. I didn't know what to expect this time. It's obviously been a while since I played a match there.
Once I got out there, I really felt, you know, it's where I belonged, and it felt like -- really felt like home.

Q. What about your game? Your serve was working well.
ALICIA MOLIK: Oh, it wasn't working that great, I didn't think. Should have got a lot more free points off my first serve.

Q. Got you out of trouble?
ALICIA MOLIK: Got me out of trouble at the right time exactly, but I don't want to have to rely on it. When push comes to shove, I like to get out front nice and early. I didn't get too many free points on my first serve, which I probably should have.
I didn't have a look at my stats, but I would imagine my first-serve percentage is pretty low. That's something I guess I'll work on in the next 24-hour period.

Q. What about your groundstrokes, other parts of your game?
ALICIA MOLIK: I felt fine. I felt I was hitting my backhand really well. My topspin backhand, getting off the court really well. My slice line was effective. Dropped off a little bit in the second set.
I played pretty much to the game plan that I set for myself. Can't really complain about the way I went about it. Execution wasn't as sharp in the second set as the first.

Q. You were 5-3 down in the second. Were you resigned to going to a third set?
ALICIA MOLIK: No. No, I didn't want to play a third set. Yeah, I was disappointed I let it get to that point. Made a conscious effort to win that set. I probably should have served it out.
At no point did I really panic or was I worried. I felt like I was in full control the whole match. I never felt like she was really dictating or dominating. I felt like I really controlled the match. Basically it was up to me what I let happen.

Q. How you keen are you to recreate what you created in 2005?
ALICIA MOLIK: Oh, probably the keenest person out there really. It's something that I've missed. You know, I wouldn't just love to recreate a result that I had two years ago, but I'd love to recreate a really solid season on the tour. That's something that I'll be looking to achieve in this next coming here.

Q. Was there a time in the last two years you didn't think this night would happen?
ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, yeah, many times. Yeah, I didn't know. That's why it's sort of a strange feeling, but it's something that it will take a while to sink in really. About a year and a half ago, I didn't know if I'd ever pick up a racquet. I was told so.
When you're 24 or 25, I really did start thinking about new careers, a new pathway I guess in life. When you contemplate all that, it's pretty frightening, you know. Scared me out of my boots.
But I'm really thankful that I am healthy now, that I'm back playing. I feel like I'm starting to play some really solid tennis, which took me to the highest ranking that I previously was.

Q. Is the comeback on target as to what you would have liked to have had at this stage?
ALICIA MOLIK: Absolutely. I'm probably I think ahead of time. And I'm not gauging myself on results. I'm not gauging myself on rankings. I'm gauging myself on what I put into matches, what I get out of them, and my level of play within match play.
I can have as many good practices as I like, but it's a matter of recreating those solid matches day in and day out. You know, I felt like I've done that reasonably well the last couple weeks.
I'll take tonight. It's a first-round win. A win's a win. It's as pleasing as anything. Not quite sure who my second-round opponent is. I think they're actually playing tonight.

Q. You said you were told. When you were out, you said you didn't know whether you would come back but you were told you would.
ALICIA MOLIK: I was told there's a chance I wouldn't come back, just from doctor's experiences with the condition I had.

Q. Was there anyone that told you?
ALICIA MOLIK: I got told both ways. I'm pretty positive, I'm pretty optimistic-type person.

Q. You said after the match you had a bit of a calf complaint.
ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, just wasn't feeling too good. I know my body as well as anyone. I'm pretty sure it will be fine. Just get a good stretch, rest up tomorrow. Not quite sure what the schedule is tomorrow, whether we play doubles or not. But it will be a pretty light day for myself.

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