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January 15, 2007

Monique Adamczak



Q. Biggest moment of your career?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: Definitely, yup. It was very exciting. Yeah, it was very fulfilling. Yeah, it's a good steppingstone for me.

Q. You looked to dominate pretty much all the match; perhaps tightened up in the last few games. Was it just she started to get into it?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: Yeah, I guess she tried to change her game up a few times in the match. I did well to keep that under control.
But I guess I got ahead of myself a little bit towards the end of the second set. To her credit, she also kept fighting. Yeah, but I stayed tough (smiling).

Q. Likely to get Kuznetsova next.
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: She's playing Jess Moore at the moment.

Q. Well, if that happens?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: Yeah, then I look forward to that. I played Kuznetsova as a junior actually, when I was about 17, at a tournament before the Australian Open.

Q. How did you go?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: Went to three sets. That was a long time ago. Times have changed. We'll see what happens. It will be exciting.

Q. What were your strengths today?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: What I've been working on the last few weeks with my coach here, Peter McGraw, is just staying mentally tough, staying calm out there. We've been working on a few technical things, of course, which I've improved a lot.
Yeah, it's mainly mental. I've always had -- I think I've always had a good game. Just getting it together mentally and really believing that I can win those matches and I belong at this level, so...

Q. How do you gain mental strength?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: It's practice, day in, day out. On the practice court, a hundred percent. Off the practice court, in the gym. It's pushing yourself. Yeah, it's having a sense of confidence, a sense of belief.

Q. You look like you can't wipe the smile off your face. What's the feeling inside?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: I'm pretty calm actually. I'm very excited. I'm actually a lot calmer. I thought I'd be like crazy. No, I'm pretty relaxed (smiling).
You know, I'm sure, like a lot of other young tennis players out there, I've dreamt this moment for a long time, you know, playing in my home country, doing well, winning matches.
I've, yeah, dreamt it a lot. So for it to happen, it's very fulfilling.

Q. You fulfilled that one. Where is the next one?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: What's the next goal? Well, it's wherever that may be. You know, uhm, I came into this tournament -- honestly, I came into this tournament really wanting to make third round, fourth round. That was my goal.
I believe I can achieve that, I really do. You don't think about it when you're out there. But when you go out into the gym, you're working your ass off, that's what you're thinking about. That's what I'm thinking about, so...

Q. So this win today is not your final?

Q. A lot of young players, they celebrate an early win, forget they have to come out the next day.
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: No, not a chance. I was lucky enough yesterday night. Me and my coach went to watch Safin practice on Rod Laver Arena. I never even actually walked on Rod Laver Arena before. Never went down, the neon lights, walked down the steps. It was a surreal moment. I really felt like I could play there one day, yeah. It was, yeah, a good feeling.

Q. Has there been any injury problems the last few years or has it just been playing ITFs?
MONIQUE ADAMCZAK: I've had a lot of injuries actually. It's just been overwork, overtraining, a bit unlucky. I'm a hard worker. The tendency was always to push myself too hard. I think I've learnt to control that a bit, step back, just manage my body better.
But, yeah, I've had a few injuries. I've done well, then I'd be out with an injury for a couple months, and that would set me back.
I think it's made me a lot tougher. It's made me who I am today. May have set me back a bit, but I think I wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for that.

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