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January 28, 2007

Oliver Fisher


OLIVER FISHER: It's great to be competing against them in the same field and to be playing with the guys I'm playing with.

Q. Any bogeys today?

Q. Birdies?
OLIVER FISHER: 1, 11, 16 and 18.

Q. Can you put into words the different feeling playing professional versus amateur; is it a slightly different feeling?
OLIVER FISHER: Well, you're playing for money. I mean, it's quite -- it's different. I mean, you've got to get -- people say, just come out here and play golf. But that's quite hard to do. I find it quite hard to do in the first few events.
But no, like I said, I'm still learning. I think it's just you've got to be familiar with it and get used to it and kind of the more you keep playing, the more used to it you become.

Q. How old are you?

Q. Just?
OLIVER FISHER: September, I was 18.

Q. What would you, if you had to list a couple of things you actually learned the last few things, what would they be?
OLIVER FISHER: Patience, which is always things I've learned in the amateur game but just kept coming to me again and again and again out here. Obviously you have to drive it well on these golf courses and the rough is so thick and the fairways are big and quite a bit of yardage to be on the fairway out here. But no, that's probably the biggest thing I've learned. I feel my game is good enough.

Q. Has anything struck you --
OLIVER FISHER: Probably the best I've played all week out here, gave myself a lot of chances and made a few of them so that was nice.
I think that's probably one of the easiest days out of them all out here today. The wind isn't as strong. No, it was nice to finish the tournament quite nicely. I played well as well and again today, so you know, moving forward and moving if the right direction.

Q. The last two rounds have been what?
OLIVER FISHER: 70 and 68.

Q. Did you play in the desert last year, did you come to any of the desert tournaments?

Q. Well, let's have your impression of desert golf and what you think about it.
OLIVER FISHER: I played a tournament at Dubai Creek as an amateur.

Q. Did you win it?
OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, I won it, the Daily Telegraph Junior. So I've been here once before. It's okay. It's very similar to kind of -- I've watched golf in the States, it's a bit more breezy, but I enjoy it. The weather is great and that's probably why the courses are so good and they are maintained very well.
To shoot a good score, the course is obviously a bit tougher than what I'm used to but you can tell by the scoring and the guys that are leading that you have to play well to play good golf and shoot good scores, and that's what I did on the weekend.

Q. Were you in the desert at all, off the fairway in any trouble?

Q. Where was that?
OLIVER FISHER: On the second. Just a foot in it on the sandy stuff. It was okay. I just hit it on the green and made par. I've hit it really solid and drove it quite nicely.

Q. Any 3-putts?
OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, a couple on the first I think.

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