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January 27, 2007

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON: I played good today. Just didn't have the breaks on my side and very frustrating and hit some awesome shots that turned into absolutely nothing. Tricky on the greens when you get long putts like the one on 18. I hit a slap shot and still six feet short. So it's very slow when you're putting uphill into the grain. It's hard to get the right speed and feel on those putts.
So it was mainly on the greens. I lipped out on 9 from four feet, a 360-lipout and a near miss on 14, sort of shaved the edge. Hit a good tee shot on 16, pitched on the green, released over to a bad lie in the rough but a nice pitch. It didn't release like it was supposed to and missed again. And a shot on 17 that missed like an inch or half an inch from a hole-in-one. So the margins were not on my side today, so a bit frustrating because I think I could have been like two or three shots better easily and I would be in a better position coming into tomorrow.
I feel like I'm playing good, so if I can go out and get it cooking really early and get the right breaks tomorrow I can be up there.

Q. This afternoon, the wind speed has been up all day really.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, didn't get the right breaks and some pitch shots into the greens, I think I played really well and they just didn't release. And stuff like that, it's a little bit tricky on the greens. There's a lot of grain that sort of makes it so much harder.

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