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January 24, 2007

Joe Sakic


MODERATOR: Joe Sakic is at the podium.

Q. Joe, obviously this is just an All-Star game, but you passed Mark Messier, pretty big name, what's your feelings holding the record as the all-time assist leader?
JOE SAKIC: It's obviously going to feel good. We're fortunate to play a number of these games and I have to be honest, since I broke in the league the scores have been pretty high. A lot of points to be had out there for the All-Star game.
So I feel it was -- like I said, I think my first All-Star game was in Pittsburgh I think it was 11-8, something like that. Not too many low-scoring games, so a number of guys were able to get a lot of points.

Q. Congratulations on all the assists. What was it like playing with Nash and Havlat?
JOE SAKIC: It was great. You can pick anybody you want to play with here. You're going to have great line combinations, and those two obviously they can skate, great moves, great hands around the net.
They've got some nice goals for themselves.

Q. At all surprised that the line of Ovechkin and Crosby and Brendan Shanahan, the fact they didn't dominate? There's a pool of skill out there, clearly, but these guys just couldn't find --
JOE SAKIC: We had great coaching. We had great strategy to try to shut them down and neutralize them.
And we didn't do much anybody else, but it was for us -- I thought it was a pretty wide-open game. And it was a lot of goal scoring out there. I don't know how much you wanted.

Q. Joe, Brendan said that Alex and Sidney may have been nervous because it was their first All-Star game. Did you get any sense of that, or any of the young players playing their first time maybe overpassing a little bit?
JOE SAKIC: I'll tell you, you find that in All-Star games. You're going to find overpassing. I mean, everybody wants to make a nice pass, pretty goals, I guess you could say.
But I was nervous as anybody else my first couple of experiences. So you expect the first-timers to be nervous.
MODERATOR: Thank you, Joe.

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