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January 26, 2007

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON: I was in the gravel on Tuesday afternoon at the race track. That was my fault though. BMW had a testing and we were having a test drive. Driving some of the test cars. The 335 is very nice. I had a five series and went a little too fast around a corner. I don't know if it is good to tell you this as you will all think it was my fault the other week. Went off the track and touched a bit of gravel so that is my nickname this week, Mr Gravel, from the other boys.

Q. Will you grind it out tomorrow?
HENRIK STENSON: I hope so. I said early in the week there would be slightly higher scores but I guess the wind is not as bad as it usually is so that is the reason for the scoes to be a bit lower. And we have a better field as well. But I am going to try and play well for another two days. The game feels good. I am in a good position, couple of shots behind. A little disappointed not to pick up one on 16 or 18. I think I hit some decent shots or chips but they didn't end up how I thought they would.

Q. What length putts did you miss?
HENRIK STENSON: I hit a good three wood on 16 and it just held up in the wind. I was on the left side and hit a good pitch out of the rough but it died on me and left me a ten footer. Then on the 18th I slightly mis-hit the second shot. I was in between three wood and ressue. Slightly mis-hit the rescue and it came up short and right. Hit a good chip and same thing, it just dug into the grain and left me a six footer which I missed.

Q. What is the loft on your rescue?
HENRIK STENSON: 17 degrees. I have it instead of a two iron. I guess this week if it would have been very windy I would have gone for the two iron.

Q. You picture is still on the grandstand - do you feel any pressure to defend?
HENRIK STENSON: No. I feel I have done a pretty good job of defending. Just a couple of shots off the lead and hopefully I can add another picture to the one sitting there.

Q. Have you had any repercussions to the incident last week?
HENRIK STENSON: No. It has all been sorted.

Q. Have you had the car repaired?
HENRIK STENSON: Not yet. I am going on a Porsche day after the Classic so I think I will wait until after that day.

Q. BMW offer you anything?
HENRIK STENSON: I have been in one and in the gravel. They said they weren't going to send me an invoice.

Q. Have you always liked fast cars?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah. Being on a track you get instruction and it is good fun.

Q. What is your handicap at driving?
HENRIK STENSON: You tell me after the last two accidents. I am going to be modest and it is not more than plus one or plus two.

Q. Is that one of the benefits of living in Dubai?
HENRIK STENSON: They have four or five track days and some other drives. It is good fun and something I enjoy away from golf. You are not thinking about pitching wedges when you are away from the track.

Q. Do you know any racing drivers?
HENRIK STENSON: Mattias Ekstrom (ph) he is driving in Germany for Audi I think.

Q. What do you have in the garage?
HENRIK STENSON: The Porsche and an X5

Q. Do you race on the track?
HENRIK STENSON: They have different groups and you go with instructors. It is a bit more restrictive and as you progress you get on the group which does normal lapping. The first couple of times you are not allowed to overtake at certain parts. On the track there is no insurance and that's why they have to regulate as there are always those who want to go flat out first time.

Q. Did you have instructions?
HENRIK STENSON: There is a guy marshalling in Dubai who is the secretary of the Porsche club . I have had some lessons from him.

Q. Goosen complained about his game and problems he is having with it. Are you happy with yours?
HENRIK STENSON: I have played pretty solid. You always want to hole a few more putts but I am happy with the way I have hit the ball. I was hitting it well off the tee and decent iron shots. Maybe 8 out of ten.

Q. What does it mean to you to play in Qatar?
HENRIK STENSON: It is always nice to come back to somewhere you have had success. I have had the last two years. They are putting on a great tournament, doing a great job and everything is perfect.

Q. It is nice for you not to have to travel too far?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. Being based in Dubai and being based down here it is nice to have three home tournaments.

Q. I saw you last week loading your car and is a Porsche the right car for a man with clubs- there is no room for your caddie?
HENRIK STENSON: The clubs went on the back seat and there was room for him. If not he will go on the roof. The Porsche is the perfect family car, everyone knows that.

Q. Which is harder to win for the first time or to defend it?
HENRIK STENSON: I think in a way it is easier to defend as you know your way around it. But at the same time I am only one of 120 and a lot of things have to be right to be able to win.

Q. Seeing Retief in front?
HENRIK STENSON: He seems to be playing well. There are a few guys I need to catch on the weekend but it is possible and I am feeling happy with my game. If the wind picks up that might be a factor that helps me a little bit.

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