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January 26, 2007

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE: I played very well. Similar to yesterday, maybe a little better. Obviously didn't get off to the same bad start as yesterday. Drove the ball well and hit a lot of good iron shots. Gave myself a few chances, knocked a few in and that all adds up to five under.

Q. Do you feel the competitive juices flowing?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah. I had two and half months in the winter and didn't play any golf at all. So to come out and play pretty well last week and very good so far this week is a big plus.

Q. So no rustiness?
PAUL LAWRIE: I did a lot of chipping and putting over the winter so my short game was sharp last week even though I hadn't played for two months which was important as that is the part that is hard to get back. It has been good so far.

Q. You are happy with the changes to the clubs?
PAUL LAWRIE: I think we have adapted to the different clubs very quickly. When you go from one club company to the next it is not that difficult as they both make top equipment but I think I have managed to adapt very quickly. The irons (TaylorMade) are going very well and I am driving the ball long so it is a good combination.

Q. You have the appetite for the weekend now?
PAUL LAWRIE: I am looking forward to it. If the wind keeps blowing a bit and the greens are quite grainy but I know what I am doing here. I have been here a few years now and always putt well. Looking forward to the challenge.

Q. When the wind picks up here it really challenges - do you want it to pick up a little?
PAUL LAWRIE: Not really. When it is up you do you job but I don't wake up in the morning praying it is going to be really windy. But if it is I know I can play in it.

Q. How did you mark Burns Night?
PAUL LAWRIE: We went to the Argentinian Steakhouse, the Scottish contingent, so that was Burns night for us. Steak and Chips.

Q. Looking at the board with Goose up there, you think you can get yourself up there?
PAUL LAWRIE: There is always going to be top players on top of the board. That is the European Tour. There is always going to be top players up there, everyone is a good player. When you see Goosen's name there it is a challenge for you. He has three shots on me and to take four off him over the weekend you have to play very well but I will give it a go.

Q. You must be delighted with how it has worked out with the new clubs?
PAUL LAWRIE: Delighted isn't the word. I wasn;t expecting to play as well as well as I did last week after such a long lay off and that has kicked on this week. I have played really well tee to green. The greens are grainy and it is hard to hole lots of putts but I have holed a few.

Q. You speak to Alan Hunter every night?
PAUL LAWRIE: Not every night. He texts me most nights. Texted me last night and called me birdie machine so I must have made a few.

Q. Only one dropped shot?
PAUL LAWRIE: I don't remember where I bogeyed. I blanked it out.

Q. Any birdies stand out?
Not one more than any other. A birdie is a birdie. I gave myself lots of chances.

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