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January 26, 2007

Richard Green


Q. How have you got round twice without dropping a shot?
RICHARD GREEN: I played very nicely the first two days. It has been quite a pleasure being out there playing golf. I have hit some really nice shots and never looked like making a bogey. It has been nice.

Q. You are an accurate player but this is supposed to be a long hitters course?
RICHARD GREEN: I do agree with that but you also have to keep it in play and the rough is pretty think. I have missed a couple of fairways but have been fortunate to get a result from those shots. But I have been very accurate off the tee and given myself a lot of opportunities and made some. The greens are beautiful to put on and the fringes are excellent so you know what is going to happen out there. I feel my chipping has been good. I worked hard on it last week and this week and it feels good.

Q. You have had a hatful of second places since you won in Dubai in 1997 - you are due a win aren't you?
RICHARD GREEN: I would like to have another one. It would be fantastic. I play well over here and always play well at this time of the year so I like to make the most of it so see what happens.
Q. Today is Australia Day - it's a big thing back home?
RICHARD GREEN: It is and a lot of people have the day off. It is a day worth celebrating so it is a nice score to celebrate the day. I played nicely yesterday and today.

Q. How do you feel about your prospects for the weekend?
RICHARD GREEN: Pretty good. I feel really comfortable with my game and confident with it. I am hitting a lot of really good golf shots. I am not looking like making too much of a mess of it. It is a nice feeling knowing where the ball is going and how far. My distance control has been great and putting has been good.

Q. So was it vegemite on toast this morning?
RICHARD GREEN: I couldn't find any. It would have been nice to have found something but the closest I could come up with was Baked Beans.
Q. Played well last week?
RICHARD GREEN: Out of the four rounds last week I had three good ones and one average but this week is shaping up to be a good one. There are a lot of good things going on with my game.

Q. You and Nick O'Hern are flying the flag for the left handers?
RICHARD GREEN: That's what we want to do. There are a lot of lefties out there who follow us. It would be nice to do well for them.

Q. You play well in the desert?
RICHARD GREEN: I like to jump out of the blocks and get some points on the board. Takes some pressure off for the latter part of the year. I feel fresh this time of the year. Make the most of it.

Q. Looks like you could be playing with Retief?
RICHARD GREEN: That would be good. I have played a few social rounds with him over in the UK. I look up to his game a lot. I think he is a great player and one I would like to watch more from inside the ropes. It would be good to play with him if that works out.
Q. He says he is struggling but you are not?
RICHARD GREEN: He is doing pretty well for someone who is struggling. He is a great player and will be tough to beat over the weekend.

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