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January 22, 2007

Teemu Selanne


Q. Congratulations on being back. Year or so, good two years ago, wondered if you would be back for something like this. What does it feel like to be (inaudible) for a season like this?
TEEMU SELANNE: An honor. And even sometimes it was nice to have a couple days off. But it is important and it's always nice to come here.

Q. 30 plus goals. Does that make you feel like you found the fountain of youth a little bit? How much longer would you like to play this game?
TEEMU SELANNE: I go one year at a time. When you get older, you start to respect different things. And obviously being healthy, that's the biggest thing. And that's what I try to enjoy every day. And so far so good.

Q. But with the game as it is and you being so successful in the last two years, does it entice you to say, hey, I have a lot left, a lot more years?
TEEMU SELANNE: Obviously after my knee surgery I've been feeling so good, I don't need (inaudible) how long you can play. I always try to tell myself I like to play longest, enjoy the game. Keep up with the youngsters. But obviously the new rules and everything, really enjoying this.

Q. Obviously you're setting yourself up for a great contract, too. Let's face facts. You were -- the Ducks were fortunate to get you when they did. But with your season, the way it is, 50 plus goals not out of the question, (inaudible) any thoughts on that?
TEEMU SELANNE: Not really. I always believe that when you play well all the other things follow with that, and obviously very happy to be back. Right after my knee surgery I really wanted to make sure I'm going to go to the place where I know for sure I'm going to be happy, (inaudible) that place for me. We have a good team. We haven't played well lately. But this break is very good for us.

Q. Any thoughts on the importance of players like yourself that are experienced, established elite players, maybe paving the way for guys like Phaneuf and Crosby and Ovechkin to take over for you when you quit?
TEEMU SELANNE: Absolutely. Those guys are going to be the future of this league. And great players those youngsters are. The future looks great with those guys.

Q. 22 first-time All Stars here for Wednesday's game. Lot of young kids. Do you think there's more of an edge, guys making an impression, hard to say no hitter?
TEEMU SELANNE: Yes, these young guys are always more excited. And I remember my first year, it was pretty exciting and same (inaudible) honor, too. Obviously those guys are going to be a long time in the future in this league and everything. So it's good experience for everybody, and it's good to see new faces here.

Q. What do you think of Crosby and Ovechkin --
TEEMU SELANNE: It's good. It's only an All Star game. I think those guys could do a lot of damage.
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