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January 21, 2007

Justin Rose


JOE CHEMCYZ: We thank Justin Rose for taking some time.
Justin, talk about the day today, very difficult day to score and to play, and if you just talk about the conditions and your day, then we'll get some questions.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I looked at the weather forecast last night and it said northeasterly wind, 15 miles an hour. So I thought, you know, that's going to be a good. I was really excited about that. The course was going to be playing tough. I was ready for that challenge. But when it blows 40, it's a whole different kettle of fish. It becomes survival, really, more than anything.

Q. What's the most difficult thing out there today, is it the putting?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, holing out is tough. Especially the wind seemed to be really tough on the front nine around 4, 5, 6, 7. You're definitely moving, your body is moving. Your putter had to move and you get a gust of wind, so, yeah, it's very, very tough to hole out. Obviously the same for everybody.
And trajectory was so important out there today. But almost impossible to control when it's blowing 40 miles an hour into the wind. 4-irons are going like 130 yards. So it was kind of a little bit of guesswork.

Q. At any time during the day, do you believe that it should have been called?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, on the front nine, I couldn't believe that balls weren't moving somewhere out on the golf course. My ball was wobbling for sure. Second green, I was lucky, my ball wobbled and I had addressed it and I was lucky that my ball didn't move. And I thought, if that's the case, for me -- your ball is in position, really doesn't move. You know, I saw that happen to me, so I figure it's got to be happening out there elsewhere on the golf course, but obviously it wasn't.

Q. Were you happy with the way you were swinging it today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Pretty much. I hit some really great shots coming down the stretch. 16, made my two best swings of the day there when I needed to. Hit a great 3-iron second shot. On 17, hit a another 3-iron in there to 15 feet.
So, you know, the only thing that I would like to go back and do is take my tee shot off 18 again. I think I made some killer swings coming down the stretch.

Q. Do you believe that the wind was playing you or that you were playing the wind?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think the wind was playing us today. I think it was a bit of a shame, really, because it was survival more than anything. I don't think there was much great golf being played out there.

Q. Your tee ball on 18?
JUSTIN ROSE: You know, you had to really trust that the wind was coming from the right-hand side and you had to take what appears from the tee to be an aggressive line because that fairway really opens up on the right side more than it looks like from the tee. So it's really aiming down the left half. You really have to trust it today.
The guys, Lucas and John, hit great tee shots, but it looked like they started it down the waterline, but they were still left side of the fairway. It's just one of those tee shots that you really have to get your line right.

Q. What kind of lie did you have on 18, was that the opportunity to go for it after the tee shot or was there another option?
JUSTIN ROSE: I was too far off the bunker really. I was five, six yards from the lip. I always fancied making four with a wedge in. I had 95 yards in, and, you know, you always hope to up-and-down it or at least give yourself -- what I want to do is give myself a chance. If you hit it in the water, you've got no chance.

Q. A number of shots out there where you had to kind of back off and try again because of the gust, how much of your game is rhythmical and how much does having to do that constantly throw you off?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it is tough. It does throw you off a little bit. But it's really important to go into that shot fully committed. If you're not 100%, which I wasn't a couple of times, on the 16th green, I backed off and I made a good putt. You know, you're better off backing off than going ahead anyway and just trying to stick to your normal routine if you're not 100%.
Yeah, but no doubt, if you get buffeted by a gust of wind, you know you have to start again because you're making adjustments over the ball all the time.

Q. How much worse was it today, as opposed to yesterday, wind-wise?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's not even comparable. If it was -- yesterday, let's say, was 10 miles an hour, let's say today it's 30. It sounds like it's in the same -- but it just makes the golf course -- your mind-set just doesn't really make -- it changes the way you have to play. You're bunting the ball around. You're not really making free-flowing swings. You're always trapping the ball and trying to chip it forward and keep it low. So you're not really out there playing the same sort of game.
JOE CHEMCYZ: Justin, thank you, congratulations on a good week.

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