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January 20, 2007

Peter Hanson


Q. Nice sequence - 70, 68 and now 66. It looked as if you were enjoying yourself?
PETER HANSON: Yes, very much. I was happy yesterday and even better today.

Q. A nice run of events. Have you been preparing hard for this run?
PETER HANSON: Yes, I was over in Dubai last week for practised with my coach for six days. They take really good care of us at the Emirates and I am looking forward to coming back there in a couple of weeks' time.

Q. Were watching leaderboards?
PETER HANSON: No, I wasn't paying attention. I saw Harrington and Miguel were there. I probably need another 6- or 7-under par tomorrow to have a chance of winning. It would be great if I could keep the sequence going of lowering my score by two shots every day. I would take a 64 tomorrow!

Q. Are you playing all three weeks?
PETER HANSON: Yes. That is the plan then take a couple of weeks off. I stayed with Joakim Haeggman last week in Dubai to practice. With Henrik Stenson and Johan Edfors also living here, it is becoming a bit of a Swedish camp!

Q. Did you take a break?
PETER HANSON: I really had five weeks off. We had a baby girl on the second of January. It's our first. Sanna and I have called her Stella. Maybe I am flying a little bit at the moment. They are coming down next week. I left home and she was only one and a half weeks old and I've been walking on the clouds since then. It feels wonderful and it would be great to win for her.

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