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January 19, 2007

Justin Rose


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Nice round today and some pretty tough conditions out there. I know it's late and you're cold, but if you could just give us a couple of comments on your round today, conditions over there and then we'll have a couple of questions.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, the conditions were surprising today. I kind of looked at the weather forecast and sort of barely warm, about a five-mile-an-hour wind. I figure, okay, today is a day before the scoring should be good, so let's get after it again. Luckily I managed to keep my end of the bargain with the scoring which is good. I played very, very well today because there was some demanding par 4s out there, especially the 10th hole which was the first hole of the day. That hole is playing driver, 5-iron and my finishing hole, No. 9, was driver, 5-wood, so certainly some tough holes out there.

Q. Were conditions consistently bad or did you have problems with swirling wind? I hear it kind of rained on and off over there today.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, we didn't actually have an umbrella or waterproofs in the bag. I was worried when it started to rain. It didn't rain significantly at all so that was lucky.
But yeah, starting out it felt very windy, and then when we made the turn, we seemed to get like, I don't know, four or five holes where it slightly warmed up and the wind dropped. And pretty tough coming in, like the last four or five holes.

Q. Were you more concerned about the wind or the cold, or was this exactly what you played in as a child in England?
JUSTIN ROSE: You know, it was more the cold really to be honest. I'm becoming a bit of a Floridian now I must say. Not used to the cold anymore.
I think sometimes when your hands get cold, that's the toughest thing. Your feel tends to go if your hands get too cold. I was really trying to make sure I kept my hands nice and warm out there.

Q. Can you maybe describe what are some of the worst conditions that you've played in in your youth and in your career?
JUSTIN ROSE: In my amateur days?

Q. Yes.
JUSTIN ROSE: I remember playing an amateur tournament at a course next to Royal St. George's, Royal Senport (ph) and I remember not being able to feel my hands, it was that cold. My dad was caddying for me, and we were only about 12 or 13 at the time, and there was a kid walking down the left rough in tears, had just had enough with the weather conditions.

Q. So this was pretty good in comparison?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, exactly, this is nothing to be too worried about.

Q. Have you played in conditions similar to this on the PGA TOUR? How cold has it gotten out there in your few years out here?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, obviously I think any time you're on the West Coast, I think early in the season, I all feel like the weather is actually never really that good. Riviera can always be very cold -- well not very cold, but I feel like Riviera can be quite chilly and windy as well.
Never played Pebble, but I'm sure there's some bad days there. I think it's part of playing the West Coast to be honest with you. But I came prepared; you pack your beanie and you pack your mitts and you come over here.

Q. Along those lines, when you go to a course or when you walk out the door in the morning and you think it's going to be one way and it's another way, how much of a mental adjustment was it and did it take you a while to adjust to it, or do you feel like you kind of got into the other mode right away?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think mentally you have to make a bit of a switch. I think holes, I was fortunate I got off to a really solid start, got off to a great tee shot on the 10th hole, hit a 5-iron on to the green and made a 2-putt. I eagled the par 5 left hole. Really got my round off and running early which I guess helped my mind-set, think positive.

Q. Despite all of the wind and rain, you actually extended your lead to two shots today instead of being tied. Coming over to the Classic Club the last day, getting over here in what hopefully will be better weather tomorrow is a bit of a break?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, if you look into the future and you say tomorrow is going to be a nice day, I certainly think that's a break, we'll have to wait and see.
Today the forecast is good, but I think it's important for this tournament that you've just got to really keep your head down. You play hard all days, until everybody has played every course; it's a bit of a skewed leaderboard if you like. So that's my mind-set, anyway, really. So I'm just going to come in there tomorrow and playing with some guys I played with last year so looking toward to having another fun day with the amateurs and see where we stack up on Sunday.

Q. Have you lived in Florida since you joined the TOUR or how long have you lived out there?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, pretty much, we've had a house there for two years now in Orlando.
JOAN vT ALEXANDER: When did you guys get married?
JUSTIN ROSE: December 15 which was nice, a nice relaxing fun off-season.
JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Justin, and we'll see you over here tomorrow.

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