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September 17, 2004

Sergio Garcia

Bernhard Langer

Lee Westwood


Q. Did you watch the leaderboard? Did you talk about what was happening?

LEE WESTWOOD: Not much. We were told not to leaderboard watch. No, after Darren had won and Monty had won.

Q. You made a very strong team today.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, we played well. The partnerships were all very good. We're all getting on well together and we're all playing well. A shame for the guys who had been left out because they are playing well as well.

Q. Monty said that their point might have been worth more than one point for your team.

LEE WESTWOOD: It's just great for our team morale that Hal paired the best two players out together. And it's great to have things going in our favor.

SERGIO GARCIA: It was playing very difficult and we managed to get off to a good start and we got going a little bit. We just ran that momentum.

Q. Colin called his and Padraig's win over Tiger worth more than a point, were you keeping an eye on that?

SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely, yeah, we were keeping an eye. We were on the range hitting balls and I saw Monty's putt on the first for birdie. Actually it was great to watch it because it gave me a great read to make mine.

It was definitely a little edge on our side there, winning that match and, you know, it just gave us a great momentum.

Q. Strong play and quick play kept the galleries pretty quiet as well.

CAPTAIN BERNHARD LANGER: It always does. It always does. We know that from the past, whenever we play well, it keeps the opposition quiet and that's what we want to do, obviously.

Q. How important was it get off to that fast start?

CAPTAIN BERNHARD LANGER: Well, it's very important. It's always better to be ahead than behind. It gives the guys confidence. It gives them belief that they can win.

It's just, you know, so much better to go out this afternoon having won a match instead of having lost a match and so it should help us.

Q. Colin said he felt like that was worth a point and a half, not just a point.

CAPTAIN BERNHARD LANGER: I would agree with him. Everybody thought that was the strongest pairing Hal could have put out in four-balls and probably a large percentage shot, nobody could beat those two guys, and they beat them fairly convincingly.

Q. What will you do between now and the afternoon?

CAPTAIN BERNHARD LANGER: There's no time. My next group is teeing off in 11 minutes, so I'm heading over to the first tee again.

End of FastScripts.

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