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January 10, 2007

Chris Guccione


Q. Chris, was that just a little bit off tonight for you?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, I obviously didn't play as well as I have been. Yeah, I think Jurgen played well. He made me play a lot of low volleys and returns and he made a high percentage of returns of my serves, so that was big for him tonight.

Q. Do you think you're a bit tired after the week or so you've had at this point?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, probably a little bit flat out there. I mean, I didn't really notice it out there, but the occasional shot I didn't move my feet properly and just a little bit slow off the mark.

Q. Do you feel a bit like the momentum you've had has sort of come to a bit of a halt, or do you feel you can still build for the Australian Open?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: I think I can definitely build. It's one match. I didn't play really bad, just not as good as I have been. A few days practise, rest up a bit and I'll be ready to go for the Aussie Open.

Q. I know you would have preferred to win the match, but now that you're in this situation, does that actually give you a better chance to prepare to be fresh for the Open?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: To be fresher, yeah, I think so. I mean, it would have been nice to win obviously, get a few more matches under my belt and a few more points.

Q. Did you think before the match of what the ranking hypotheticals might have been, that if you would have won you would have got inside the top 100?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: No, I don't try to think about it. I know if I did win it would be a good shot, but it's not sort of something I think about out there.

Q. Or not just before?

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