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January 9, 2007

Chris Guccione


Q. There's something about you and No. 1 seeds in Sydney.
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, I don't know what it is, but obviously it's unlucky for Rafa at this time of year.

Q. Did he say anything to you about the nature of his injury and how he's feeling?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: No, he didn't mention it. The first I saw of it was when he got the trainer on the court. I didn't see what he was getting treated for or anything, so I didn't know about it.

Q. Did he seem to be moving differently after that? Could you sense that there was a problem that might force him to retire?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: No, not really. I mean, you'd probably be able to tell if there was from watching the TV, but I couldn't tell from where I was.

Q. How does it feel for you winning a match like this against such a good opponent?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, it's a great feeling. Even though he didn't finish the match, I was well and truly in the match. I was 6-5 up when he retired.

Q. Confidence levels must be pretty high at the moment?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Confidence yeah. I was confident after a few rounds last week and just kept it rolling, I guess.

Q. A lot of the top players tend to pull out of these events before Grand Slams. Do you think they're fair dinkum at all or was he really injured?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: I think so, yeah. He's got no reason to pull out this early. You want to win the tournament; that's why he came here.

Q. When you match with a guy like that, obviously your self-belief increases. You're now virtually on the brink of the top 100. Are you going to reset anything in terms of goals?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: I don't think I will until after the Aussie summer. There's still a lot of good opportunities, including this tournament, and next week is the big one, really. We'll see what happens after the next couple weeks and then I'll reassess what I want to do the first couple months of the year.

Q. Does that mean you might change your schedule a little bit?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, definitely.

Q. Do you want to play a certain surface more?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Well, ranked at 150 where I was, I would have been playing a lot of challenges probably in Europe, but now I'll probably start to play a few more Tour events and maybe try to qualify for some other things.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the pecking order of Australian tennis at the moment?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Obviously I'm second in the rankings, but Mark has been very unlucky with his injuries. He was ranked I think 110 and playing some good tennis over there. I don't know, it's tough to compare like that.

Q. Do you feel anything really coming on in your game? You talked about the confidence before, but do you feel -- are you seeing the ball even better? Do you feel a little different in your game?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: I feel like I'm hitting the ball better than probably this time last year, but I think the big thing was the confidence and self-belief that I could play consistently with these guys.

Q. And that translates on the court?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, definitely, yes.

Q. What does Anthony Lane bring to your game in particular?
CHRIS GUCCIONE: He's very precise in what he does and he's very thorough. We sat down early last year and set out things that we wanted to improve, and that's what we did basically all year. We worked on specific things to help my game.

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