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January 6, 2007

Trevor Immelman


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Trevor Immelman. Thank you four joining us here at the Mercedes-Benz Championship. Three shots off Vijay Singh and you played with him today and kind of kept pace, any opening comments?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: I felt like I hit the ball solidly today, so that was pleasing. Most of my shots I hit on the wrong side of the pin, and I couldn't have too much of an aggressive putt at it. And then the ones that I did leave on the correct side they all seemed to rub out on me.
It was frustrating on the greens, obviously the 2-, 3-putts early didn't help me. But all in all, I hung in there, and, you know, it was nice to hit a great shot to the last and another putt there that fell short but three behind and I'll need a special day tomorrow to catch Vijay.

Q. How do the conditions compare to the first two days of the tour?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, we didn't have rain today but the wind was just as strong.
So, you know, we pretty much -- doesn't make it any easier but we're used to the strength of the wind and the ridiculous clubs we're hit are for yardage you into the breeze and that, and it has been coming from the same direction on that helps, if it came from the opposite direction with the same strength we'd probably be lost out there tomorrow but all in all a better day.

Q. Do you have an example of a certain club you hit either a 5-iron from 150 or a 2-iron in the wind that changed things today?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: You're doing it all day, you know. Like on 17, I'm hitting an 8-iron 210 yards, stuff like that you don't get too often. But, like I said, we've been doing it since Tuesday or Wednesday and we have an idea how the ball is going to react.

Q. You've been in situations of being three behind before; does it look wider watching Vijay today? It looks like he's in good control today.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: He's such a great player, and he's won 29 events or something silly like that, so, you know, you don't expect him to go examine give it away, but, you know, I've come from three behind before to win tournaments.
Hopefully for me, I can go out there and shoot a low score tomorrow and see what happens, you know. All I can do is play the best golf I can play and see how I shape up at the end.

Q. Is there a number you would be shooting for?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, I think as Doug says, Vijay is playing well, he's striking the ball solidly and he seems to be putting well with the belly putter. So I would think I need to shoot in the mid-60's, maybe 65, to have an outside chance.

Q. You talked about the course knowledge you gained since Tuesday. Are you beginning to feel comfortable knowing I'm you're coming to the 17th, I need to do this. Are you starting to feel comfortable?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: When the conditions are this trying you don't feel comfortable. But I do agree with you, like I said earlier, you know when you get to 17 you're going to hit a 350-yard drive and you know when you get to the 9th hole you have a short par-5, and there is no way you're going to reach it. So we are used to the way the course it playing and that does help.

Q. Can you make any comparisons to what kind of learning curve there is here for first-timers with this place and a place like Augusta? It would seem like playing here a lot you know the angles and it takes a while to pick up on it.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: I would agree with that. With the changing of the greens in the past few years, I think that might have thrown off some of the guys who have played a lot here. Because obviously the greens are breaking differently and some of the speeds are different.
So from the greens point of view, I feel like everybody is on the same page. But definitely with the wind direction and the strength of the wind, some local knowledge does help.
But, you know, I found in my short career so far sometimes it helps not to know too much because if you know too much you know where the trouble it and on occasion you can be thinking about that instead of thinking about where you don't want to go instead of thinking about where you do want to go. But I would agree with you to the point that it is similar to Augusta; you do need to know where you're going.

Q. You'll be glad to know they showed the commercial with you and Vijay today.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, we had a lot of fun with that. He was a good sport and we tried to make it as funny as possible. I haven't seen it yet. I hope it's funny.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Trevor, thanks.

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