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September 12, 2003

Cristie Kerr

Kelli Kuehne


Q. Kelli, Cristie, well done. Kelli, how does it feel to have earned the first full point for the States and your first full point in Solheim Cup golf feel?

KELLI KUEHNE: I'm really excited. Cristie and I played really well today. It was kind of like ham and eggs. She would make a birdie, I'd make par, or I would make a birdie and she was right there for me. We bounced off each other and played really well.

Q. How important in fourball is it for that to happen, for you to both be playing well and for you to have a chance?

KELLI KUEHNE: I think it's hugely important. When I was putting for birdie, Cristie was up there and she had already made 4 or par, so that makes my birdie putt, I've got nothing to lose. We were able to roll a few in and my putter got a little hot and we played well.

Q. Cristie, how was it waiting until this afternoon to get going out there?

CRISTIE KERR: It was nice to sleep in there, I'll tell you. Kelli was a real star today. She had three or four clutch putts. That got me going. I figured if she's going to get it going, I might as well keep it going. We played really well as a team.

Q. Was there any stage there in which you felt less than comfortable in a match?

CRISTIE KERR: Sure. You never feel comfortable in these matches. You're going to see a lot of things that you wouldn't normally see in regular matches because you have a partner to lean on. You're going to see a lot of longer putts go in, a lot of chip-ins which we've already seen three or four chip-ins from both teams today. You've just got to keep going and be relentless.

Q. Especially after this morning, it was important that you came out this afternoon?

KELLI KUEHNE: We were pretty geared up. We both got to rest this morning and kind of get in the element and see early out when they were doing the foursome matches we were walking a couple of the holes and getting comfortable. The crowds have been incredible. The golf course is awesome. It was nice to get some red on the board.

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