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January 2, 2007

Urban Meyer


THE MODERATOR: Please help me welcome the head coach of the University of Florida Gators, Urban Meyer.
COACH MEYER: Thank you very much. It is great to be back to Phoenix. And on behalf of the University of Florida, our coaching staff, administration, we are very excited to be here, very excited to put on a good show on January 8th and show the country what University of Florida has to offer.
Our guys are excited and, once again, thanks for having us.
I will answer any questions.

Q. Coach, a win would give your school both national titles in football and basketball. What would that mean and talk about that a little bit because it has never happened before?
COACH MEYER: It tells you a little bit about the leadership of our athletic program. If you did your research, at the University of Florida you would find our gymnastics program, volleyball, everybody, every sport is usually nationally ranked in some way or another. It just tells you the leadership of our program.
It tells you it can be done. We are in an era where people said it could not happen: you are either a basketball school or a football school. Our administration has done a great job providing the resources because our basketball team has a great team coming back this year.
I don't know if you will see that happen very often.

Q. Coach, as far as preparation, how much game plan silhouette is left? What do you guy have to do here to get ready?
COACH MEYER: We have broken it into three phases. This is phase three and this is game week. The game plan has been in effect for over a week now. It has been shining up. Every team will have a couple new wrinkles for the game when you have this much time to prepare and you face such quality opponent like we are facing. Game plan has been in. We are going to practice. We have five more days of practice and we're on.

Q. Coach, did you see last night's Fiesta Bowl and can you make it three for three given the Fiesta Bowl's exciting game?
COACH MEYER: I hate to say this, I fell asleep and my wife kept hitting me. She said it was the greatest football game she ever saw. I saw some of the coaches of Coach Petersen and Boise State. I followed them closely when Coach Hawkins was there and what a great game. To go for two at the end, I thought that was great. That's what makes the Bowl games so special.

Q. Coach, you might have faced a lot of questions about whether your team was worthy to be here over Michigan, but with Michigan getting beat down pretty good yesterday, is that a good thing that now maybe the week goes a little bit smoother for you and your guys?
COACH MEYER: No. I thought that was a great game as well. And USC looked awfully good. I think right now college football has some great teams and those two have played well and has no bearing on University of Florida.

Q. Urban, now that you are out of the comfort zone of Gainesville, a new environment, will you have to remind the freshmen that, Forget all the hype, this is another football game?
COACH MEYER: Good luck telling them that after they saw the yellow coats. I warned them. The one thing we have an advantage, we have been here a couple of years ago, and I saw the reaction and the hospitality that the Fiesta Bowl people put on and it is second to none.
I have warned them and very leery of that. We will take all measures to make sure the guys don't lose focus.
All the guys that I have had an opportunity to coach in a game like this, we make sure the team stays focused and we will do everything we can to keep that.

Q. Coach, how much of this week will be about business and how much is going to be kind of enjoying the festivities for the guys and soaking in the experience? Will they have an opportunity to get away from some of the madness?
COACH MEYER: I think that's the question. It is a business trip. It is what it is.
However, we are also going to enjoy, once again, the hospitality of the Fiesta Bowl people and the great City of Phoenix and obviously the great BCS Bowl.
This is the first time this Bowl has been played -- distanced itself from the other Bowls. We have an obligation to put a good product on the field. Make no doubt about it, this is a business trip and we will handle it as such.

Q. Urban, after what you guys did here two years ago with Utah and what Boise State did last night, how much does this prove that mid majors deserve a shot at a run to a national title?
COACH MEYER: I think that just shows you that there are great football teams out there. To be honest, I think those days are over. I don't hear that as much as maybe the media, in the coaching circles in college football, everybody knew what Oklahoma was getting into. Everybody that knows football. Boise State is a excellent team.
I think that the separation of BCS, nonBCS, I think that era is over.
I think it is harder for some of the smaller conference schools to make it but the BCS committee and the whole process has made it easier access which is the right thing to do.
National title, I think it will still be some time before you see that, I do.

Q. Coach, have you had a month to prepare for Ohio State. Offensively, your thoughts on how well your team is prepared to take on Ohio State defense as one of the best in the country?
COACH MEYER: They are one of the best in the country, and our whole thing is getting healthy and execution of the game plan.
I really like our plan. However, the plan is not what wins games. It is the personnel.
We faced some very good defense throughout the year. Ohio State has to be one arguably the top defense we face. So how do we match up? I think it's one thing we have is playmakers. We have to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers. That will be the key to the game for the Florida Gators.

Q. Coach, Nick Saban is at least toying with the idea of coming back to college football. I know you have never coached as a head coach at the NFL level. Is it hard for you to imagine there being anything better than where you are at right now as far as this level?
COACH MEYER: I think that's to each its own. That's for Urban Meyer and my family that there is no better place to be right now than the University of Florida. Coaching college kids, coaching guys that have taken a program that really has no limits. And to be able to recruit at a place like that, if you are asking me, it is the best place we can possibly be.

Q. Coach, two Earl Bruce proteges against one another. What do you think Earl is saying?
COACH MEYER: I know what he is saying, I just talked to him a couple of days ago. I will not tell you what he is saying. He is a Buckeye true and true but he is also a dear friend of mine. I am sure he will be sitting with the Ohio State folks. Kind of looking at Florida at a little different angle, too.

Q. Coach, most of the players obviously have a reason to be happy and everything. How is Reggie Nelson doing and how is his spirits? What has he said to you and what have you said to him to get through this time?
COACH MEYER: I appreciate the fact that the media laid off of Reggie there for a little bit because it is very personal. He is struggling like we all would, but he is around people who care about him which is the best place he can be.

Q. Coach, your thoughts on -- your respect factor for Coach Tressel and what he has done at Ohio State?
COACH MEYER: The jets get in the way of these airports, don't they? I have known Coach Tressel. I came into Ohio State the year after he left. I followed him through Youngstown State and then when I went to Bowling Green I watched him closely and watched a couple of practices. The respect factor is there, and I have known Jim for a long time.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, coach.
COACH MEYER: Thank you and have a great day.

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