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June 28, 2002

Arnold Palmer


Q. (Inaudible.)

ARNOLD PALMER: Oh, it's just bad, just not playing. And that's -- but I did, yes, start with pars. It seems like it runs out of juice a little early every day.

Q. (Inaudible.)

ARNOLD PALMER: Actually, there was some hope there, it was just a little bit of everything. The par-3s, I made two triple bogeys and a double bogey on the par-3s. So that kind of took it away. It just wasn't good.

Q. I heard one optimism in there, when you said you were driving it better?

ARNOLD PALMER: Well, I think maybe I got a clue as to what's been wrong, and I'll go work on it a little bit and see if I can hit it good enough to even continue to play at all. That's how bad I've been playing. I've always enjoyed it, and these two days it's been tough. It's not been a lot of fun.

Q. Did the fans make you feel any better with the reception they gave you?

ARNOLD PALMER: The fans were wonderful. They just were very, very supportive all day, and for two days. And of course if it hadn't been for the fans and just some of my own principles I wouldn't even have finished. But I've not done that, so I would still have a clean record on that one.

Q. Any plans for more activity in tournaments?

ARNOLD PALMER: No. I'm going to play -- I have commitments to play a couple, Park City, Boston, Cincinnati, and that's about it. That will be it, I'm afraid, unless something strikes. It's not good. Thank you.

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