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December 10, 2006

Colin Montgomerie

Marc Warren


GORDON SIMPSON: We have Marc Warren of Scotland with us. It's not difficult to see that you feel very deflated at this moment, but over 72 holes, you and Monty acquitted yourselves extremely well.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, we did. Again today, no bogeys, no dropped shot. In that format, that was one of our keys at start of the week. Unfortunately we only made two birdies. The putts just wouldn't go in. Both of us played really well again today and unfortunately got pipped at the post there.
GORDON SIMPSON: That was a huge putt that he made the first time around, wasn't it?
MARC WARREN: It's the first time he hasn't made a putt in ten feet; every time, he's holed every single putt. It's been an honour to play alongside with him this week.
I GORDON SIMPSON: So near, so far; Scotland still waiting for the first win.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, that's the first time I ever lost a playoff in my life. Now I know how the other guy feels. It's not nice.
GORDON SIMPSON: Did it happen in amateur golf a few times?
MARC WARREN: No. I've never been beaten in playoff amateur golf either.
It's not a nice feeling, especially such a beautiful trophy.

Q. Looked like you were seeing quite a few people miss that sort of put on the 18th, is it a particularly difficult one?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, Carl Pettersson, he missed one slightly longer than Monty's was. It's just one of those things. A tough chip, he made a tough putt and they played a better chip. He did leave himself an easier putt and that's just the way it goes.
I think Monty had a good putt, it's just so fast, downgrain, so much break, you're going to miss a lot of these putts. Unfortunately that's the way it goes.

Q. Were you in very similar spots after the tee shots?
MARC WARREN: I actually thought mine was sitting down a little bit more. I just thought through the grass you have to be real aggressive to get the ball out. Just popped it out and I thought I played a good shot and I was trying to hole it, but not trying to leave Monty a downhill putt at the same time.

Q. Were you hopeful that it would be an advantage, I don't know exact times, but the Germans had been sitting idle for an hour, where you were just coming off 18, did you think that would be in your favour?
MARC WARREN: I didn't really think of that to be honest. They had time to relax and chill out. They were on the range the whole time I think. There's no real advantage either way I think. I had that the situation personally in Sweden, and we had a bit of time to wait on the range, and I felt that was good for me, calmed me down before the playoff.
Myself and Marcel Siem were playing alongside two of the most experienced golfers in the world, so it doesn't really matter what situation they are in. They are going to perform anyway.

Q. Can you just speak a little bit about what it was like playing with Monty? You mentioned a few times already what it's been like this week.
MARC WARREN: Just really seeing why he's won eight Order of Merit titles. He's an incredible golfer tee-to-green. He's just relentless. Every shot is almost exactly where Alastair, his caddie, tells him to put it. Looks absolutely effortless at times as well. It's a joy to watch, and putting, his holing out is incredible, especially under pressure. He's there every time to hole a putt.
GORDON SIMPSON: Does that make you realise that's where you have to start aiming, as well, if you want to progress?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, it would have been a great chance to win and that was the primary goal to win but unfortunately that didn't happen. It's a shame for Scottish golf in general it never happened, but hopefully this will give them a boost anyway, finishing second, beaten in a playoff.
Monty, I can't say enough about how good he is and as you said, I've got a lot of work ahead of me to get to that level of golf, that's for sure.

Q. What did he say to you at the end?
MARC WARREN: He just said great effort. Nothing more we could have done, we gave every shot 150 per cent and he's just as disappointed as I am. I don't think we need to say much to each other, other than unlucky, really. It's just one of those things.
GORDON SIMPSON: Did you think maybe 17 was the figure when you were looking at the score board?
MARC WARREN: Wasn't really -- couldn't think of numbers. I didn't look at score board at all, which is unusual for me for the last few holes.
But I knew obviously we were tied with Sweden and Germany, and we knew Germany had finished. We were trying to birdie one of the last two, unfortunately it didn't happen. I'm sure hopefully both teams will be back and have a chance to win next year. But that's a long way off.
We've had a great week this week. It was a great effort, we came close, but there's not a lot more we could have done.

Q. It's been an extraordinary rookie season, hopefully more and bigger things for you, too?
MARC WARREN: A World Golf Championships to finish second in your first attempt, although aided by Monty, there's some pride to that as well. To be in this tournament, if you're Top-50 in the world, it means you're playing well wherever you're playing. Just to get into these events; it was great to qualify and it was great to be here and hopefully we'll be playing a lot more in the future, that's for sure.
GORDON SIMPSON: I think we'll be seeing a lot more of you in the future, as well. Thanks very much and well played this week. Great effort.

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