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December 9, 2006

Carl Pettersson

Henrik Stenson


GORDON SIMPSON: Well, we have the championship leaders, Sweden with us, Carl Pettersson and Henrik Stenson, a round of 63 today. And Henrik, it's been a long time since Sweden won this competition with Anders Forsbrand and Per-Ulrik Johansson, 15 long years, what's your feelings now with one round to play?
HENRIK STENSON: We were disappointed last year that we didn't get to play for it in the last round, and obviously this year we will have a chance to play for it.
So we're just going to go out there and try to play a good foursome tomorrow and hopefully we can be on top of the leaderboard.
GORDON SIMPSON: How would you assess today's round?
CARL PETTERSSON: We got off to a pretty good start and then slowed up a little bit towards the end of the front nine, and then Henrik made a nice birdie on 9 and 10 that got us going, and I managed to make a few birdies on the back nine. So, it was good.
GORDON SIMPSON: Did you always have a feeling that this was a partnership that might have a real chance of winning?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I think we're two pretty solid players, so I think we always thought that if we can play well, we should have a chance and obviously we put ourselves in good position.
CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, it's good, we've been fairly good friends for about six, seven years, so we've both had a good year this year, so we're coming in with some confidence, so it was good.

Q. At one point today, Argentina was five clear of the field and there was a whole cluster at 10 and you were included in that; how aware were you that the lead had stretched or were you?
CARL PETTERSSON: No, we didn't really look. We were just trying to grind. We knew we had to shoot low. On the back nine, we really got it going. We haven't actually played the back nine as well as the front nine, so we thought we were due for a good back nine. I didn't look at any score boards really. It was nice to get going.
GORDON SIMPSON: With foursomes to finish, I presume anything can really happen; it's a difficult format, isn't it.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, obviously it's the tricky one. I think more can happen in the foursomes than in the better balls, but still, I mean, we made a good move and caught up with Argentina today. It's not always easy to do that in the better ball, but we managed to do that. There were quite a few good numbers out there today, and we just wanted to try to make up for that gap and put ourselves in good position and we've done that.
So, delighted with the day and going to rest and be ready for tomorrow.

Q. You've been consistent for the past two rounds, are there any secrets; how do you feel playing together?
CARL PETTERSSON: We've never really been in trouble. If one of us was in trouble the other guy was in the middle of the green and 2-putted.
We've tried to hit the fairway first and then hit the green and then give the other guy an opportunity to go for the flag and we've done a good job of that so far.

Q. How were conditions today?
HENRIK STENSON: It's been pretty much the same wind-wise all three days, hard winds. The course has actually dried up a bit. It was very wet the first two days. I guess we will have the same wind tomorrow. It seems like that one has stuck there, just comes in the same direction every day and everybody gets used to it. Some holes are playing really tough and some are a bit easier. You just as always when you're playing in windy conditions, you've got to try and control your ball flight and keep it on the short stuff and we managed to do that so far. So hopefully one more day.
GORDON SIMPSON: You've won the Royal Trophy, the Ryder Cup; this could be the third one.
HENRIK STENSON: Let's hope so.
GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you very much for coming in.

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