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December 9, 2006

Colin Montgomerie

Marc Warren


GORDON SIMPSON: Looks like we've got a very tight race at the top there and Scotland are pushing Sweden and Argentine. Colin, just take us away today as to what your assessment of the day was.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: First thing it was important for us to stay in touch with the Argentineans, who we were playing with, and in four-ball we felt that was their strength. They hit the ball an absolute country mile, you know, and it's difficult for me to keep up, but I did get by them on 17. I was delighted. I paced it out. I was four yards past them both; so I'm going to tell the grand kids about that.
But important for us to keep in touch and we did. We got off to sort of a slow start if you like, we were only 2-under at the turn and they were four or five ahead of us at one stage. We managed to get a few birdies on the back nine, we got four in a row on the back nine which helped and got us back into a chance of winning.
We played well yesterday in the foursomes, and if we can kind the fairways tomorrow, the fair of us, we have a good chance of winning.
GORDON SIMPSON: And Marc, have you enjoyed this experience to date?
MARC WARREN: I enjoyed it today. It was pointless of me playing today I think. Colin was awesome today and the experience has been awesome for me. But being in contention tomorrow, that's where you learn, that's where you learn the most and I'm looking forward to that that's for sure.
GORDON SIMPSON: At one point they were five clear of you and you closed that gap, that was quite critical.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, especially in tomorrow's format. It's very tough to make up shots, but it's easy for people to drop them. We're only a couple back and in tomorrow's formula that's absolutely nothing and both of us enjoy pressure so we're looking forward to a good day tomorrow.

Q. Monty, would you talk us through the birdies.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I had sort of six today. I birdied the first hole, the 5th, I had a good 7-iron in about a 12th footer. The 7th was a bonus. I was trying to lag it because Marc was out and I tried to lag it and it was going a bit quick, wasn't it, and that was a bonus from about 40 foot.
On the back nine I hit a 3-wood into the 12th, driver, 3-wood into the 12th to about ten foot and then a good putt at the 13th, 7-iron about 30 foot and then wedge in at the par 5, we're both very close there, Angel and myself and I tapped in that one, the birdie at 15 as well, so it was important to get going.
A shame we couldn't get one more at the end there to tie the Argentineans. But as Marc so rightly said, two shots behind going into this type of format; foursomes golf I've known over the years is a very, very difficult game, very difficult game, and you need both players to be playing at the top of their game to compete.
So we did well on Friday in that format, and let's hope we can do the same again tomorrow.

Q. How high would you rate that round?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Individual round it's a good round of golf but doesn't matter as long as we tie to get one birdie per hole for the team, doesn't matter who is getting them. Marc hold six yesterday for birdies and I had six today, so, fine; it's a team game.

Q. What happened on 16?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I gave it a bit of a go. Marc was only 15 foot away, and I gave it a go and raced it by. In four-ball, you can afford a bit like that to do that.
Tomorrow, of course, you can't. You've got to be careful tomorrow. So, no, we look forward, we look forward to tomorrow; it will be good.

Q. You've come close before to winning it, what would it mean to win a World Cup title for Scotland?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It would be great for us. We're the only home country not to have won this event and we have a chance tomorrow. That's all we've got. We've got to beat the Swedes by three shots, which will be a tall order because they are a very strong team, and also the Argentineans by a couple. So if we can do that, we deserve to win.
GORDON SIMPSON: It was just a few months ago I read an article saying, "what's gone wrong with Scotland golf," so you have a chance to make a point tomorrow.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think we'll prove them wrong if we win tomorrow.
GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you very much.

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