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December 8, 2006

Bernhard Langer

Marcel Siem


GORDON SIMPSON: Well, joint second place at the end of the day, would you have settled for that performance?
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, definitely at the beginning, I think whenever you're in the Top three or five, it's a good performance, because you have a lot of good teams here.
But we had it going on the front nine, yeah, and then still played good up until the 14th hole and then we just let it slip. Really had some chances and just didn't take advantage of them.

Q. Apart from Argentina no one has really run away with it, and three shots is nothing I would imagine.
BERNHARD LANGER: The conditions are tough. The wind is still blowing and the greens are tricky with the grain. It's not easy. If you miss the fairway you can draw some bad lies. That's probably why there's a bunch of bogeys made out there and you can 3-putt real quick. The Swedes are pretty good putters but they made a couple.

Q. Does it demand a great deal of concentration in this format to make sure you don't make mistakes?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I think I improved from yesterday to today. My driver was definitely working quite nicely today. 17, I missed if I first fairway there and it was tough for Bernhard to get the ball close to the green and then the bogey on 17, that's all right. I missed a birdie on 16, a great shot again, and missed a short putt.
I think we did quite a lot today and we're still up there and two days to go. A lot of golf to play and enjoyed it very much again today. Played well actually.
BERNHARD LANGER: The big key was we hit fairways and greens at the beginning, fairways and greens. Just adds up, you know, and we did that very well all day. 14, the first par 5, I pushed my lob-wedge a little bit and left him a tough putt and 3-putted there.
The next hole, we didn't take advantage. We were on the edge of the green on 15 and missed a short one on 16 and 17. So it's just, it was real quick when it goes.

Q. If you doubled your score on Sunday afternoon, it wouldn't be too far away, though, I don't think with these conditions.
BERNHARD LANGER: Probably if the rain stays away, I would suspect this course will be harder than yesterday.

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