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December 7, 2006

Stewart Cink

J.J. Henry


Q. You were just asked about it and we could hear some of it, but that sixth hole, it had to feel like 800 when you were looking at it?
J.J. HENRY: It was toughest conditions I've ever hit a ball, no doubt about it. It was funny, sitting on the tee, we knew it was coming. It was a matter of time. You come up to that hole, you probably birdie it seven out of ten times; you hit a 3-wood or something up close to the green. We were lucky to make bogey. I'm still trying to dry out and it was four hours ago.
STEWART CINK: I had to change the insoles of my shoes because water was running down inside.
J.J. HENRY: It was blowing so hard, umbrella was out the door, out the window.
Again, we hung in there, I think all things considered, I don't think we played our best today, but at the same time with the conditions playing pretty difficult and hard to get the ball close to the hole. I guess we're a couple shots back and right where we need to be.

Q. Was there any real -- it had to be almost impossible to generate any tangible momentum because one minutes windy and raining?
STEWART CINK: The other guys are still playing good golf and you can't give up just because the weather gets bad. I think a lot of teams might have folded in there a little bit bogeying the par 5, but we understand how difficult the conditions were. To make bogey there wasn't exactly the end of the world, especially this stage of the game. We hung in there and got some momentum going on the back nine. I had a long putt I made off the green, and that saved birdie. And J.J. made two birdies in a row. To finish up 5-under was a good, strong ending to the round. I think it sets us up for some confident play the rest of the way.

Q. The putt on 9, you were leaning a little bit, I thought it was maybe getting away a little bit, what sort of boost did you take?
J.J. HENRY: Again, looking up at the leaderboard on 9, not to get ahead of ourselves, somebody was 4-under through about 12 holes. It was a great opportunity to at least get one and carry momentum to the back nine.
Luckily I snuck it in on the right side and Stewart hit a great shot on the par 3 there to kind of keep us in and we birdied three holes in a row to get us in there, boom, boom, boom to jump us up the leaderboard.
The golf course, we talked about it; it's in great shape and obviously with the rain it's soft and stuff and it's wet. But with the wind, it's tough to get the ball close to the hole and you've got to kind of trust what you're doing and just give yourself chances.
It's like we said earlier, just like at the Ryder Cup, just try to give us two chances on every hole and see what we can do. We did a lot but we didn't do it every time. Again we're right there, right where we need to be.

Q. You don't have that luxury of course tomorrow, you have two chances, you didn't play foursomes together at The K Club; right? When you play foursomes with somebody, even as familiar --
STEWART CINK: I think the toughest part about alternate-shot you is feel like you're responsible for putting your partner in good shape. J.J. and I are comfortable enough with each other that we know we're both going to hit good shots and we're both going to hit bad shots. I don't expect him to get down on me, and the same for him. It's challenging sometimes when you're playing with somebody you're not quite so comfortable with maybe, and you don't want them to get down on you, and there are some guys who will do that to you. J.J. I know won't. You take the good with the bad, and we're just going to go out there and fight like we can fight.

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