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December 6, 2006

Stephen Dodd

Bradley Dredge


GORDON SIMPSON: Well, we are delighted to have with us the defending champions of the World Cup, Stephen Dodd on the far side and next to me, Bradley Dredge. Stephen just made it late last night. You've both won individual titles, big titles on The European Tour during 2006, but presumably it's a different feeling winning on behalf of your country.
STEPHEN DODD: Yeah, I think it's always an honour to play when you're representing your country. It was obviously a fantastic achievement for us last year, something we really went out and tried to do and we're going to try to do the same thing this year.
GORDON SIMPSON: Presuming you would like to play over 72 holes this time; although I'm sure you weren't complaining a year ago.
STEPHEN DODD: Whether it's 36, 54, 72, a win is a win for whoever gets it. Fortunately we were in front after 54 last year, and the gods were on our side.
GORDON SIMPSON: And Bradley, how did you feel about that victory?
BRADLEY DREDGE: As Stephen said, whether it's -- a win is a win whether it's over 18, 36, 54, 72, a win is a win. We were playing well going into it and managed to keep our form up and put in a good performance last year. Obviously looking to do the same thing again.
GORDON SIMPSON: Is it important to have the right chemistry and know each other well? Do you regard that as a vital component?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I think so. Like I said, we get on very well together, have a bit of fun on the golf course. You know, obviously you try and do your best at all times, but in between shots, you know, a bit of banter and hopefully Doddy can keep up with me again this year.
STEPHEN DODD: It's like he says, you've got to have a bit of enjoyment out there. There's a time and a place to have a bit of fun, and we know when that is.

Q. Can you come up with a highlight of when you got home which would illustrate what it meant in Wales that you two had won?
STEPHEN DODD: I think Bradley could answer that better because I went straight to China the following week, so I wasn't actually back. He could probably answer that.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I mean, when we got home, obviously Stephen is in China. So the amount of attention that the press were giving me, obviously they wanted to know -- they wanted interviews as to how it felt world champions. And Wales had not won it since '87, and the amount of golf that we have in Wales, it's a big achievement. It was a massive, massive thing for us.

Q. How did you find the course today?
STEPHEN DODD: I thought it was playing very long personally, very soft conditions out there. And the greens were really tricky, very -- the back nine were quite slopey in places and very quick in places when you're downwind downgrain, a bit downhill, they can be extremely quick.
It's just adjusting your game, which is quite difficult to do sometimes, and when you're putting into the grain uphill, they are really, really slow. So it's going to be quite tricky out there at times I think for the short game.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I mean, obviously the wind is going to be a factor this week. They have had a bit of rain, so the fairways are very soft, as are the greens. There's no release.
As Stephen was saying about the greens, that's going to be one of the toughest things, and also the rough. If you miss the fairway, you know, it's different types of grass here to what we are used to. So it's trying to get used to how the ball is going to come out from the rough and how it's going to land on the greens.

Q. You mentioned last year going into the tournament you were both playing well and carried that form through. How different is it for you both this year ahead of tomorrow's first round?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I think this year, we've both been a little bit more in and out. When we've played well, we've played very well. Perhaps not quite as consistent as we would have liked.
I suppose our form coming into this year is not quite as good as it was lasted year, but as I said, we've both been in and out this year, so hopefully this is going to be our in week.

Q. Are you satisfied with the field, the players you are coming up against?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I think we'd prefer it a little bit easier than it is. Obviously we've got a good field again this year. I'm sure England will be going in as favourites, they are both playing well and they have had good -- well, last two or three years, they both have had a good few seasons.
So there's probably, you know, there's 24 teams; they are all good players. You've just got to go out there and shoot some low numbers.
GORDON SIMPSON: All the best tomorrow in your defence of the title. Thanks very much for coming in today.

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