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April 3, 1995

Cameron Dollar

Tyus Edney

Bob Frederick

Jim Harrick

Mike Krzyzewski

Ed O'Bannon

George Zidek


Q. Jim Harrick, a magical night for your team. How did you do it without the guy who got you here.

COACH HARRICK: I think he had the best tournament of any player of the 64 teams up 'til tonight for what a gutty performance by the rest of our guys. I am so proud of them. They just sucked it up and played hard and ran everything we wanted and guarded the three. It was a great game.

Q. When did you know first of all, he was in trouble and then when did you know you were going to have to take him out of game?

COACH HARRICK: Right before he warmed up I'd knew we couldn't play him. I'd started him but I knew he couldn't play.

Q. Tyus, how tough was that sitting there knowing guys like Ed will have to carry the load.

TYUS EDNEY: It was a bad feeling but I had confidence in my guys. They played without me before; I knew they can do it. All of them stepped up. When I saw them playing as hard as they were I knew we weren't going to have a problem.

Q. We have Ed O'Bannon over here, closing out a college career tonight. You guys had to do it without Tyus. What was it like for you guys tonight coming into this one.

ED O'BANNON: We stayed positive the whole time. We put everything in the guy's hands. We won by faith, not by luck. That is how it is. That is what -- we have been doing that the whole year, and everybody stays together, Tyus is behind us, he brought us here: Tyus is the man.

Q. Cameron, congratulations. Come on, get in here. How about this night for you.

CAMERON DOLLAR: I owe a whole lot to Tyus. The two years that he had been with me he taught me a lot. I was able to apply it today.

Q. Tyus was your roommate when you came to school. You guys tonight really shut down Corliss Williamson like we had never seen before. How did you do it.

GEORGE ZIDEK: I just played him best as I could. I tried to move my feet and I did it. I don't even know how I did it but I shut him down. We played hard. We played hard and we showed everybody that we got heart. We proved all the critics wrong.

CAMERON DOLLAR: That is right.

GEORGE ZIDEK: We are the best team in the nation.

Q. There is some nets waiting for you go tear down the nets. UCLA has won the National Championship. It was great being here with you. Pat O'Brien will be coming up when we continue from the Kingdome after this message.


Q. Before the championship game when they were all worried about Tyus Edney, Ed O'Bannon grabbed his crew together outside the lockerroom and said fellas, it is only a pick-up game. And for their efforts tonight they are about to pick up a National Championship trophy. Let us go down to the voice of the Final Four and to Bob Frederick.

BOB FREDERICK: Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of THE NCAA Division I basketball committee I'd like to congratulate both teams on an outstanding effort tonight and throughout the tournament. It is my pleasure at this time to present the National Championship trophy to Coach Jim Harrick and UCLA Bruins.

COACH HARRICK: I want to thank all the fans on this side right here. This is the finest bunch of student athletes that I have ever been associated with. They are students, they are great, great people and they are fine athletes. Thank you very much.

(Media talking together).

Q. You might want to call them the new wizards of Westwood. They figured out a way to get it done tonight. With their data list, Ed O'Bannon led the crowd. We will be back.

COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Jim Harrick showed not just through this game but all through this tournament, through the whole season what an excellent coach he is. To lose Edney in this championship game, they had a chance to rationalize, we have come this far now we have excuse. I think the leader of the team was Jim Harrick.

Q. What happened.

COACH RICHARDSON: Well, you know, UCLA played a great ballgame. I think all their kids played exceptionally well.

We were not effective in the halfcourt. They did a great job in the quarters. We didn't shoot the ball outside as well. You have got to congratulate Coach Harrick and his ball club they just played lights out.

Q. You will be losing 6 seniors after tonight. What can you say about them?

COACH RICHARDSON: I am very proud of our kids. I told them that prior to the game, I said just being here after all the pressure you guys have gone through, I mean, we might be able to escape one more time, but you got to remember that this was one of the finest seasons that I have ever been around with guys that had to work so hard, and I am very proud of that bunch.

Q. Congratulation on a great season coach, thank you.

COACH RICHARDSON: Thank you very much.

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