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October 14, 2004

Billy Andrade


Q. When we talked yesterday I talked to you about being on the 125 bubble. You said, hey, I've been in this situation before, it's no secret, I got to play better golf. You played some better golf today.

BILLY ANDRADE: I did. I shot 5-under. I made an eagle on the second hole and a few birdies and only made one mistake. So it's a good start and that's what you got to do, you got to get off to a nice start in a tournament to have chances. I'm not thinking about the top 125, I'm thinking about winning the golf tournament. And this is great place for me to win because of all the history I've had here, going to school here, I always -- when I was in college, coming out to this tournament I always dreamed of maybe some day winning it. And I came close a couple times.

So this is a tournament that is dear to my heart and I would like to do well. And I just want to have a chance on Sunday. I got off to a nice start and now I got to continue it tomorrow and Saturday and then we can talk maybe Sunday night.

Q. Talk about the kind of numbers that you can put up on a course like this. Is it imperative that you get off to a good start and not bury yourself early?

BILLY ANDRADE: It's always imperative to get off to a good start today. Maybe 20 years ago when I started this thing you could kind of work your way into playing well and shoot a couple under here or there and then get it -- light it up on the weekend. But that doesn't happen any more. The players are too good, they're too -- they're just great players and you have to play well every day. You can't get lucky one day and shoot even and think you're going to have a chance. I think you have to play well right out of the gate and as you can see by the scores, there's been some pretty good ones posted so far. It's just, it's a track meet, we're one down and three to go.

Q. Do you see the numbers being comparable maybe looking ahead to what they were last year? A lot of people think the course won't give up a 22-under like it did last year?

BILLY ANDRADE: You never can tell. I think, what, did Brad finish shoot to finish second? He was -- he wasn't 21. So that was a -- every now and then with players this great you're going to have somebody that just blows the field away. And Shigeki did that last year, shooting what he shot. I don't think the golf course is that easy. He made it look easy, obviously, but there's still -- you have to pay attention out here. There's a little more rough than last year. The weather I don't think is going to be very good they're saying tomorrow, so that's going to make the golf course play a little harder and you just never know.

Q. Where does momentum fit in for you when you start well like this?

BILLY ANDRADE: Momentum is great for day one. Now you got to go out tomorrow and it's back to the drawing board. You got to try to get it going again tomorrow. So all you can do is think about your next shot, really. My day is over now, so now I'm just getting ready for to be prepared to tee off tomorrow morning at 7:30, hopefully it won't be raining too hard.

Q. If you're the manager of the Boston Red Sox, what are you doing now?

BILLY ANDRADE: I think you have a gut in your stomach a little bit, hoping that Arroyo could come through. But the Yankees beat them up. They beat them up pretty good so far.

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