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July 3, 2003

Laura Diaz


Q. Someone told you even par after first round, how would you respond?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't know. I think that I always go out trying to make 18 birdies. And that's very hard to do at a U.S. Open. I was very happy with the way I started and other than one hole, I think that I had a pretty good day. There was just some bad decisionmaking going on there. There's three more days to go and a lot of golf left to be played.

Q. You fed off a good group. Seemed like the two of you, Rosie and yourself, were two of the very few individuals who were in red numbers most of the day?

LAURA DIAZ: Rosie's an excellent player. She started off three birdies right off the bat. Great shots to make those birdies. It's always fun to play with someone who is making birdies. I think it gives you a little more confidence to go after the putts a little more. The pins, whatever. It's just nice to play with someone who is playing really well. Rosie and I play well together. We seem to play a lot together. We had a good time out there, other than -- she will probably say the same thing, she had one bad hole and I had one bad hole.

Q. You seem to always do fairly well in the Women's Open. At least, maybe not for four rounds yet, but you have sparkles all through the week?

LAURA DIAZ: Well thanks. Last year didn't exactly end up the way I would have liked it. But I had three solid rounds. Today is a solid round, still not leaving with a great taste in my mouth. But I got three more days and I'll go out and give it my best.

Q. A lot of birdies, a lot of bogeys on the course today for you and Rosie. Like you said, she started up 3 and finished at 1. Is it going to be kind of a roller coaster through the whole weekend?

LAURA DIAZ: I think that's what golf is, a roller coaster. You never know what's going to happen next. You could be 6-under one moment and even par the next. So I think that the U.S. Open is the most roller coaster golf that you probably will ever see. And I think Rosie and I probably have the same attitude to go out there and play hard tomorrow.

Q. How is the ankle?

LAURA DIAZ: The ankle is the same as it's been since L.A. It doesn't feel great, it hurts most of the time. It's taped. And I have a brace on it. And we're going to see another doctor next week, so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Q. What exactly has been the problem with it?

LAURA DIAZ: I have a tear in my perineal tendon.

Q. Is it something that you may need to have surgery on later?

LAURA DIAZ: That is what the doctors are saying. They would do surgery now, but obviously I'm in the middle of my season, so not a great time to open me up.

Q. Does it affect your swing much with the weight shift or anything?

LAURA DIAZ: My swing is the reason I have it. It's from going on to my left side and my follow through.

Q. Number 7 what happened there?

LAURA DIAZ: I hit it in the fairway bunker after hitting a really good tee shot and I was right up against the lip. I just had to pitch out with a sand wedge. Proceeded to not hit a good 3-wood and then kind of just kept on going after that.

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