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November 16, 2006

Paul Hanley

Kevin Ullyet


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously, you guys were already in. This was just a match of pride, and you try your best in every match?
KEVIN ULLYETT: Yeah, I mean, obviously, your bonus for winning, money-wise, it's financially good also. I think this is out of respect to the Bryans, to have them out of the tournament, it's actually good for everyone. They're hard to beat. I'm sure the other guys are quite happy about that because they're the best team in the world, you know.
So to not have to play them again is actually quite nice. So we're really trying to knock them out of the tournament, yeah.

Q. They'll be patting you on the back, everybody else?
KEVIN ULLYETT: Well, it's out of respect for the Bryans because it's not easy to beat them. They're the best in the world.

Q. Can you talk about the match a little bit.
PAUL HANLEY: Yeah, I mean, they played really well early on. They served extremely well early on and also in the second set, too. You know, I started a little bit nervously and lost my opening service game.
But, no, we knew we just had to stay calm. And, you know, when we got the chances, you know, eventually they missed a couple of first serves and we got on to a couple of their first serves, too.
So, no, you know, we just had to, like you said, just stay calm and just try and stay in the match. We did that, and then we got our chances and we took them.

Q. Can you talk about the semifinals.
PAUL HANLEY: Yeah, first time I've been in the semifinals. Really excited. Kevin last year made it, was in the semis. We're both I'm sure, you know, wanting to go a little further.
KEVIN ULLYETT: Yeah, I don't know who we play. Obviously there's still some permutations to go in the other group. But looking forward to it. I mean, we've won three in a row, so we're on top of the world. We're ready to go.

Q. The same question as always. We don't see many journalists in doubles, but at least now with the Tennis Channel you are seen on television. Not the only reason to play. I think that doubles is important by itself. Do you think these kind of promotions are doing well to the doubles?
KEVIN ULLYETT: Very good. I mean, the doubles, the new Revolution has had a great year. There's been a lot of interest from the public. The new scoring and whole format is great. The ATP has worked really hard on the promotion of doubles, and I think it's paying off. I mean, good crowds this whole week. I think, yeah, worldwide, they're really getting into doubles.

Q. And, Paul, you're a specialist. It's nice, because then when Davis Cup comes also...
PAUL HANLEY: Yeah, I mean, yeah. Like we said, doubles is very important in Davis Cup.

Q. And in life.
PAUL HANLEY: Yeah, I mean, it has a big factor in Davis Cup. You know, it's good also for the public not always just to see singles and to see doubles, you know. A lot of the public like to play -- most of the public probably play doubles. So when they get to see, you know, it at the highest standard, they really appreciate it.
KEVIN ULLYETT: Yeah, the Tennis Channel has done an amazing job by covering the doubles. We really enjoy that.
Also the live webcast, as well. Most people are hooked up to the Internet now and can watch it live on the Internet, as well. So, yeah, it's very important for us. And our family back home, they can't travel, and then watch us play.

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