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November 19, 2004

Laura Diaz


THE MODERATOR: Laura, good follow up to yesterday. 7 under. Currently three shots behind Annika. Good playing today. Five birdies, one bogey. Open up with some comments, then we'll go over your card.

LAURA DIAZ: Well, I got to play with Karrie today. I think we really enjoy playing with each other, so that helps you, just your mental attitude going into the day.

I started with a chip in on No. 1. That kind of gets you a little excited right off the bat. Then I made some putts along the way. Had a lot of chances again today, but similar to yesterday, I didn't get all of them to drop. I don't think you ever get all of them, but there was a few that you thought, "Hmm, should have made that one."

Overall, pretty good day, though.

THE MODERATOR: Let's go over the score card.

LAURA DIAZ: Birdie on 1. I was in the right rough. I couldn't really swing aggressively at the shot, so I only had 135 yards to the pin, but I choked down on a 7 iron and I kind of tried to punch it up there, didn't get it on the green, was off on the right side, chipped it in with a sand wedge. It was just off the green, 20 feet, I don't know.

I bogeyed the par 3. I had 183 yards to the pin. I hit a poor 3 iron, kind of flared it to the right. Then I hit a poor bunker shot to about nine feet and missed that.

6, I had 98 yards. I hit a sand wedge. I had to hit it pretty aggressively to get it back on that ledge. There's only about five or six back on that ledge, and that's where the pin was. I hit it just past the pin, made a 9 footer coming back.

9, I laid up today on 9. Yesterday I'd gone for it. I laid up today. I had sand wedge in from about 95 yards, made about a 15 footer.

Then 10, hit it to about nine feet from 163 yards out with a 7 iron. I hit it a little past the hole. Webby and I had a very similar putt, she was just a little bit further away. I got to get a pretty good read.

I think out here it really helps when you can get a pretty good read off of someone else's putt because some of the putts you can't see or you think they're going to do one thing, but because of the grain, they tend to go the other way. Made about a 9 footer there.

What was my other one?

13, I had 160 yards to the pin. I hit a 6 iron to about 12 feet and I made it.


Q. Could you talk about the conditions, please. Was it a little tougher with a little more wind today? How different was it from yesterday?

LAURA DIAZ: It was definitely more windy than yesterday. I thought yesterday was relatively calm. I would say probably only blew about five miles an hour yesterday, approximately. Today there were definitely times where it was blowing 15, you know, maybe probably not too many times today it was blowing 20, but I would say at most 15.

This course, because of the wind, that makes it really tricky because there's a lot of shots that if it's right to left, you've got to take it over the hazard and let it go in. That makes it a lot harder.

Q. On 12, you had a discussion with Thad. How difficult is to trust your caddie in a situation, and what led you to go with what he wanted?

LAURA DIAZ: Well, it's not really a matter of trust, in my opinion. I trusted Thad. I wouldn't have him working for me if I didn't trust him. I think it's more an issue of how I feel like I'm going to execute the shot.

I was planning on hitting a knock down 9 iron. Basically a hold shot. He was seeing a full out wedge. I was more concerned about making sure I carried it onto that ledge up there where that pin is. He didn't think that I would have any difficulty with that with a pitching wedge.

You were obviously there, or you saw it. You saw that I didn't hit the shot very well. I kind of hit it thin. It just carried. It managed to release. I think probably because it was thin, it got some extra out of it.

You know, it's just one of those things where sometimes you both aren't thinking the same thing. In that case, we discussed it a little further. His explanation was good. There's not much behind that pin is mainly the reason that I agreed to go with the shorter club.

Q. When Annika Sorenstam is leading going into a weekend, how do you sense the field reacts versus if it were another player?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't really think anyone reacts any differently. I think that everybody goes out trying to play the best golf that they can. Annika has obviously proven that she plays really good golf almost every time she goes out.

So, you know, I think that we all go out and we just try and make as many birdies as we can and try to focus more on our game than on her game. I've said it before, there's nothing we can do about other players, we can only play our own game. I think the attitude of all of us is the same, go out, be aggressive, try and make some birdies.

Q. Yesterday, I think there were only seven players that broke par on the back. It seems like everybody is playing a lot better on the back today. Do you think it was playing easier?

LAURA DIAZ: No. Personally I don't think that this game is ever easy, whether that is because I put pressure on myself to perform or because I just don't want to look at it that way.

I haven't looked at the scores, so you're saying that people are playing better. Well, that's great. I think everyone's probably taking the attitude to try to shoot at the pins and make as many birdies as they can.

Q. Karrie had some observations about your game. Could you share with us some observations about her game and what you've seen in her game? I think '99, 2000, she won 13 times in that period of time. You've seen what she's gone through.

LAURA DIAZ: It's very interesting with me for Karrie because she's my same age. The fact that she's achieved so much more than me is just unbelievable. I mean, she just amazes me. She continues to amaze me when I play with her.

I think she putted really well today. When I played with her last week, I thought she putted really well. I think that you don't necessarily see the putts going in out here as much as you would think because we get so many down grains and they're fast and sometimes they hit the edge and they lip out harder.

I think that she commented when we were out there that her attitude seems to be a little better. Val commented on that. The last two times we played together, I think we both really enjoyed each other's company, so we've both been a little more relaxed. You know, when you can go out and talk with somebody and get your mind off golf a little bit, I think it's a little easier.

Q. (No microphone.)

LAURA DIAZ: The past two times I think we've been a lot more relaxed when we've played together.

For me, because I put her so high on a pedestal, I just it's almost like I enjoy watching her play because I think that she's such a great player. The statistics that you just gave is just unbelievable. I mean, in less than 10 years to be in the Hall of Fame, I think it's just an incredible task to have achieved.

Annika did it. I don't think necessarily Karrie gets as much credit as she deserves. She's a fantastic player. I think particularly the last two times we played together, her putting has been really good.


End of FastScripts.

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