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November 12, 2006

Jonathan Erlich

Andy Ram


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English or Chinese, please.

Q. That's a pretty good way to start your first appearance here at the Tennis Masters Cup.
JONATHAN ERLICH: Yeah, I think I cannot get better than that. If we're starting to beat the Bryans in the first match, obviously we're coming in kind of the underdogs. We really come strong today, we played with a lot of confidence. I think we pretty deserve to win and I think we played better than them throughout almost all the match.

Q. You didn't look at all like underdogs today, particularly in the third set. What was going on out there? Do you think you were playing really well, they weren't on top of their game, a combination?
JONATHAN ERLICH: I think playing against the Bryans, we always have good matches against them. Today was one of them. They bringing up our best tennis from ourself. Against them, you always have to perform well to play your best and to beat them, and today we did it again.

Q. How exciting is it just to have made the Tennis Masters Cup for the first time?
JONATHAN ERLICH: It's very exciting. I think it was one of our best goals for the year. When we sit in December last year, to see what we did for last year and what is our new goals for 2006, it was definitely one of our goals.
I think last year we finish 8, and unfortunately other guys one the Grand Slam so they got the wildcard. They took us out. We came as alternates. It was really bad luck. I don't know exactly how to call it. But it's definitely one of our best goals, to make it. We been here last year. We saw how nice is it, how excited it is to play. We really came...
ANDY RAM: ...hungry.
JONATHAN ERLICH: Thank you. Really hungry to play. I think everybody saw it today.

Q. You lost your rhythm in the second set.
ANDY RAM: You're playing the best team of the world. It's happen they played better than us beginning of the second set and they won the set. After the second set, we thought to come back to our rhythm, to our good energy on the court. And the most important against the best team in the world play with lots of energy and always try to look strong on the court. That's what we did after we lose the second set.

Q. Do you reckon this victory is your best ever?
ANDY RAM: I don't think so because we beat the Bryans already, so with we beat them. This is the fourth time we beating them. With the normal score system like we playing here, I mean, I think we're pretty even, 4-All or something.
So every time we play against the Bryans, every other team in the world, we pretty confidence. It's obviously one of our best because it's in Masters and it's the first time we making the Masters. That's why it's the important of the match.
But I think beating them, it's something that we did in the past, so at the moment we just enjoying this.

Q. It looks like the crowd really support you today. For me, it was surprise because usually they support the favorite. The Bryans are more famous.
JONATHAN ERLICH: I think the fans were pretty fair actually. They was equal. They enjoyed the tennis. I think they were clapping and going for the great points. I think there was a group of some Israelis make a lot of noise. Might look like more the fans were for us. But I think the crowd was pretty fair for both of us and appreciate the nice points. It was really nice atmosphere, so...
ANDY RAM: Masters, I was little bit excited about the bunch of the group of Israelis coming, hearing in Hebrew, cheering you up. It's a long way coming from Israel to China to watch tennis. Really, I was really excited. I mean, they should get a word or two in the Israeli newspaper for that.

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