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November 12, 2006

Lisa Raymond

Samantha Stosur


Q. What do you feel about being here in the city and with the support of people in general;
LISA RAYMOND: The entire tournament, everything about it has been wonderful. The city has embraced us and embraces the tennis. They've come out to support the tennis and you know everyone who was behind the tournament was so well organized from the beautiful hotel that we stayed in to this facility.
And it's, you know, I've played in New York, LA and in Munich, and they all had their, you know, positives, but this as a whole was just hands down the best.
Q. You feel it's important even though people are not coming, as good as professional your game is, good not in this tournament, but just all year.
LISA RAYMOND: Coming to see doubles? It's nice to see fans and more people watching us play, but I think that, you know, hopefully with the support of the tour, you know, we'll get some more marketing and get our names out there and people will start to know who Raymond and Stosur as a team are and they'll come out and support us.

Q. Next year you will play together also?
LISA RAYMOND: No. (Laughter) I was kidding.

Q. Two questions first to Miss Raymond. How is it to play against the past partner, against -- and second question, how do you think about change of rule, double in ATP, what do you make if double may change a role in double?
LISA RAYMOND: It's never easy to play against someone you used to play with. Like Rennae, we're very good friends. We had a lot of success together. But, you know, you go on the court and you know it's a match and it's business and you just, she wants to win as much as I do.
You have to go out there and play. As far as the changes, I'm more of a traditionalist with the tennis. I feel like if something is not really broken, why fix it. I don't really think that we need to implement all those changes that the ATP have done, at least not yet. So I'm not a big fan of the changes.
SAMANTHA STOSUR: I'd definitely keep the scoring the way it is. Playing this way long, it's a bit strange why we have to change. We really have problems with the ATP why they wanted to change, so I feel the same as Lisa on that.

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