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October 5, 2001

Rich Aurilia

Barry Bonds

Shawon Dunston

Peter Magowan

Willie Mays


RICH AURILIA: I didn't write anything down like Paul did. So first of all I would like to thank all of my teammates for coming out these last few weeks and just giving everything we had. And tonight, to not give up after we were down so many. You guys are all the greatest. I hope to see you all back next year.
Now, for the matter of the hand. Just, wow, to witness this firsthand, as a fan of the game and as a teammate of Barry's has been unbelievable. I hope everybody here who has witnessed it all season has really had time to realize what has happened, one of the greatest sports records of all time was just broken tonight by one of the greatest players of all time. For us as fans, as well as players to take part in it is very special .
Barry, you didn't need this to get into the Hall of Fame, but I think this pretty much solidifies it now.
So, congratulations and it's been fun to it on the same team and I've been watching you do it all season long. Thank you.
PETER MAGOWAN: When Barry came to the Giants in 1993, we knew he was the best player in baseball, but what he accomplished tonight puts him as one of the greatest players of all time. All of us who are here tonight have seen two moments in a baseball game that we will never forget. We have seen what will become two of the most famous home runs in the 43-year history of Major League Baseball in San Francisco. We are all very proud that this incredible achievement has been provided by a San Francisco Giants, Barry Bonds.
Barry, first we would like to present you with this historic baseball, your 72nd home run. As a gift to Barry to honor this historic achievement, the Giants will match the $100,000 contribution of Major League Baseball and the Players Association. So we will have a combined total of $200,000 to the September 11 fund established by the United Way and the New York Community Trust, in the name of Barry Bonds to assist the victims, their families and communities affected by the events of September 11. Barry stepped forward after our country suffered it's most tragic loss and greatest devastation by pledging $10,000 for each home run he hit from then until the end of the season. We wanted to recognize him for this most generous show of support for our country and its citizens by making this contribution of $100,000 in his honor.
Again, I want to congratulate you, Barry on one of the greatest achievements in the history of baseball. Thank you.
WILLIE MAYS: Thank you very much. You guys got to shut up now. (Laughter.)
This is a very special moment for myself. Here is a young man over here, that he talks a lot, and he backs up what he talks about.
A lot of you said that 70 home runs would not match -- no one would come close to you, he made a liar out of. I am one he made a liar out of because I didn't think he could do it. I even said to him, "You relax yourself. You go out and have a good time," because I didn't think he was going to get there. But he can see that wherever he is, I show up some kind of way. I'm here. It's cold, man, but I'm here.
No, he knows that I'm not a preacher and I'm not going to try to preach to him again, but as a kid, five years old, I remember saying to him, "Boy, get out of my locker." (Laughter.) "Stop chewing my gum and go out on that field."
But tonight, it's not Barry's night. This is mother's night, the one that brought him here. I think she should be congratulated. I think Barry looks around and see the guys behind him, that should tell him a great deal that they all appreciate what he does, not just on the field, but off the field. It's important sometimes to make people believe that you can do both. I know it's cold out here, but you people in San Francisco should be proud of yourselves because you are here.
I know Bobby couldn't be here, but I will be the phone to him tonight and tell him I think he should have been here. I will. I'll do that.
This was just a wonderful, wonderful night. You people don't know how important this is for me, because it's going to be a long time before someone else come along -- I need him to hit two more home runs. I want him to get to 75, 74. I want him to put it where nobody can get there; that's what I want him to do.
But I would like to thank Peter (Magowan) for bringing Barry from Pittsburgh over here where he belongs. I know we're jumping the gun a little bit, but Barry belongs here in San Francisco. Thank you very much.
BARRY BONDS: First of all, I've got to point up to the sky one more time. Thank you, God. And to my family, my mom and my dad, my wife and my children, thanks for being here for me. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for being my best friends, my greatest fans, and the love of my life.
I'm going to miss you, Franklin, but you believed in me and I did it. Thank you.
And to my teammates, we worked real hard, and we're going to work real hard again. I love you all. I know some of you took some cheap shots at me in Houston -- I know who you are. (Laughter.) I love you very much. It's an honor to play with the bunch of guys behind me. I'll play for you any time, any day of the week, any hour, any year.
Oh, yeah. I've got to tell you this -- I can't believe I'm doing this. Shawn Dunston told me I was going to hit 71 home runs and I told him he was crazy. So I made a stupid bet -- and Shawn Dunston, that CL 500 that I owe you, you've got it. (Applause.) And you guys thought my divorce was bad.
To Harvey Shields, I love you. Thanks for all your hard work, for stretching me, getting me prepared every day. Greg Anderson, my strength coach thank you very much. Raymond, you're not here, thank you for running me to death. My three angels over here, thank you for all your hard work. Stevie, I don't know how you get so many places, but thank you very much. Love you.
And San Francisco, you fans, we've come a long way. We've had our ups and downs. Thank you.
SHAWN DUNSTON: Well, I just want to thank everybody for coming out and supporting the Giants. Barry loves you. And he really does want to come back, Peter (Magowan). What you think? I'm coming back, why not Barry?
Really, what Barry was talking about was that hitting all those home runs, in May I just had the feeling that he was going to hit 71, and break the record, break my friends's record, Mark McGwire, whom I really respect. And Rich Aurilia was there and the whole team and we were stretching and he just looked at me like I'm crazy -- like you always do . And I said: "If you do break the record, you buy me a new Mercedes Benz." And he broke it, and he will by me a new Mercedes Benz.
BARRY BONDS: He's right. I love San Francisco and I love you fans.
And my family knows and God knows, I'm proud to wear this uniform. Thank you.

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