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November 12, 2006

Tiger Woods

Final Round

Q. Thoughts on your play today?

TIGER WOODS: Well, it was better than yesterday, had a decent finish and good heading into next week.

Q. Twice runner-up here China has not been that lucky for you so far?

TIGER WOODS: I had my chances, and yesterday was the day, if I could have hung in there, I could have been a challenge for tournament today but I was too far back and Yang just went on and played some great holes.

Q. You hit a couple of world class shots with your 5 wood yesterday and today; you have to be happy with those?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that's my senior club, you turn 30, 2 iron clubs out of the bag. I've been working with it the last two years, totally different above course and venue.

Q. Overall pleased with 2006?

TIGER WOODS: Golf wise certainly.

Q. And Christmas is coming?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, can't wait for snow so we can go skiing.

Q. (How will you remember the year?)

TIGER WOODS: My dad this year, it's been a tough year from that and puts things in perspective real quick for you. Makes you appreciate having everyone happy and healthy.

Q. How was your week?

TIGER WOODS: Wasn't quite good enough. Yesterday killed me. I had an opportunity with conditions being difficult even if I had hung in there and parred the last two holes, I could have challenged for the tournament yesterday but, I was just too far back. And Yang played a great stretch of holes there and put it out of reach for all of us 6 , 7 , 8 under to make a run at it.

Q. How aware are you of what he's to doing?

TIGER WOODS: Oh, yeah, you look at every board you can so see what's going on out there. If you have to be a little more aggressive and the guys are having trouble, or coming back towards me and I don't have to be that aggressive. He just went off and it was basically out of reach, and I was just trying to get as many birdies as I can and maybe get second.

Q. The stretch with three birdies, did you feel that was the point you could turn it around?

TIGER WOODS: If I could shoot 30 on the back nine somehow, I could at least get into a playoff, at best. But it didn't happen. I didn't shoot 30 on the back nine. I had a chance there on 14 for eagle and missed that and that was a momentum blower right there.

Q. Do you know much about Yang?

TIGER WOODS: No. All three of us are talking going up the last hole, we didn't know anything about him.

Q. (More players are challenging internationally, the depth of the fields all over the world?)

TIGER WOODS: Golf has changed, it's evolved. It become more in depth now, you look at each and every field now, guys can win. That wasn't the case 15, 20 years ago but now that's changed. Guys are better mentally, equipment certainly helps and guys are bigger and stronger and hit the ball further.

Q. (Do you feel people are challenging more often now?)

TIGER WOODS: When you're up at the top, that's kind of the way it is. Just the way it is. If you're put it this way. If you're in that position, it's not a bad position to be in.

Q. The crowd seem to love watching you here.

TIGER WOODS: They were all fired up. Wish we could have at least made a few more birdies for them and got them a little more excited coming in and at least challenge for a win, but that wasn't the case.

I was kind of hoping that the game would come around. But Thursday and Saturday killed me. Saturday was the day should have hung in there and Thursday was the day with no wind, I had to shoot a good number and I didn't do it.

Q. (You play in tournaments in Asia every year?)

TIGER WOODS: I always have loved coming overseas. It's something I've always enjoyed. My mom is from Thailand, so I used to make that trek all the time, each and every year, so that's nothing new for me to come to Asia.

Q. Will you be back?

TIGER WOODS: I'd like to come back.

Q. Are you going to defend in Dubai?

TIGER WOOD: Yes, I am, I'll be there.

Q. What's your plans for the rest of the year?

TIGER WOODS: Dunlop Phoenix, then on the way home, stop by in Hawaii, play the Grand Slam and then Target World Challenge.

Q. Looking forward to next week in particular?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, looking forward to next week. I won the tournament last year and hopefully I can put it together again this year.

Q. What was your opinion of the music that went off at the fourth?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, how about that? Wonderful, wasn't it? Made the putt. Good to see Henrik's reaction, pretty funny, give the salute.

Q. Have you heard anything like that before?

TIGER WOODS: It went off the other day. Friday it went off. It went off on Friday.

Q. (Where will you go for the holidays?)

TIGER WOODS: You know I can't tell you that! (Laughter) All I know is I'll be with family and friend with we'll have a good time.

Q. What do you expect

TIGER WOODS: Been too long, I've love to come back down, just a matter of time. It's a shame that we don't may more golf courses like that, or more golf courses aren't designed like that. Granted they do have the best bunkering in all of the world.

Q. Would you like to design one down there?

TIGER WOODS: If I get opportunity. That's one of my design influences I'm sure as I start designing golf course. They are the epitome of shot making and they look so they look easy playing visually, but when you actually start to understand how to play, it's a lot more complicated.

Q. Any chance of playing in Singapore next year, it's the week before

TIGER WOODS: The week before, I don't know what the schedule is next year. I know we end early, we'll see what happens after that. I've never been to Singapore so maybe it could happen.

Q. Will you comeback to this event next year?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know that yet either. Our schedule is so different next year, try to figure out what's going on next year. We've got so many different tournaments mixed around that you're playing tournaments that you normally don't play in.

Q. (What did you talk about with Jeev today?)

TIGER WOODS: I was giving Jeev some grief I saw Arjun back home the other day when I was home practising and he's on his new workout regime trying to hit the ball longer and all that kind of stuff. Indian golf is growing and getting deeper, and those guys, you can see how talented they really are.

End of FastScripts.

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