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November 11, 2006

Jyoti Randhawa


Q. Even par today but you're still very much in it?

JOYTI RANDHAWA: It was tough out there, especially it's tougher playing with Tiger Woods. It was blowing hard. Par is a decent round although I made a few mistakes today. I was trying to be cute on some shots. The lie is funny sometimes but I missed a small putt on 17 but all in all, even par in this weather and condition, I'm happy.

Q. How tough was it playing with Tiger?

JOYTI RANDHAWA: It wasn't that tough. It was quite good, he's a damm nice guy. It was quite nice and we enjoyed our golf. I was nervous at the start of the round but I started well and found my comfort zone.

Q. With the winds blowing so hard, what do you think of?

JOYTI RANDHAWA: It's a lot of commitment, you have to decide on what you want to do and stick by it. I had a few bad shots and got over them quickly and kept going. That's the only way to do it as it's so tough scoring. As long as you have to do what you have to do, it should be good.

Q. You left a few putts short out there?

JOYTI RANDHAWA: The greens are quick and it's so easy to misread as there are so much slopes. I left them short as I thought I could make it to the hole. Tomorrow is another day.

Q. Does it feel like the pressure is off after leading the first two rounds?

JOYTI RANDHAWA: It takes a lot of weight off your shoulders, leading a tournament especially in a tournament like this. So I guess the pressure is on somebody else, so I'll go out and do my best tomorrow and see what happens.

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