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November 11, 2006

Jerry Kelly

Rod Pampling


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Rod and Jerry, 62 in the better ball today, and right now you're tied for the lead at 18 under. A couple thoughts about how you played today.

ROD PAMPLING: Was a pretty similar to yesterday. We both hit the ball pretty well. We just really haven't given ourselves too much stress out there. One is generally always there for a definite par, if not the birdies. We've just been hitting a lot of really close ones.

The birdies haven't been too stressful. Jerry got us going on 3 and 4 today with two really good putts, and then after that we played really solid golf.

JERRY KELLY: I started out a little weak with a three putt on the first hole and he got a little unlucky and hit it into a bush, so it was my hole. I ended up three putting on that one. It kind of bothered me at the start because we had just finished with a par the day before with a par on a par 5. We just wanted to get those holes.

Coming back on 3 and 4, it kind of picked us back up and we got right back into the swing of being right there for the other guy.

You know, I felt like I was striking well on the back side but didn't really hit it very close, but Rod was right there on every hole. It was great. It was just a greet team effort at the end of the day.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Let's run through the birdies if you could, Jerry. You made birdie on 3 and 4?

JERRY KELLY: They were a couple of solid 20 footers right there.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Then can you take us from 6 on, who made the birdies?

ROD PAMPLING: We were just short and chipped it down to just past the hole, maybe ten foot past the hole and made that one coming back. I made that.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: The par 3, 8th?

JERRY KELLY: We both knocked it in there about four feet. He wanted to build my confidence back up there on the short ones.

ROD PAMPLING: Just to make sure he was paying attention.

JERRY KELLY: Exactly. I had to close that one out.


ROD PAMPLING: 9, I was 20 foot left of the hole and got a nice read off J.J., and finally it followed his line and went straight in.

JERRY KELLY: It was a great putt.

ROD PAMPLING: Then 10, we weren't too sure where Jerry's drive went, so I just laid up and hit a shot into maybe five foot, but then Jerry was inside of that. But I made that putt.

And then 11, I hit it eight foot maybe. I think it was like eight foot, made that.

Then 13

JERRY KELLY: Those were two of my best shots of the day.

ROD PAMPLING: I was relaxed on both of the putts because Jerry was inside both times there.

JERRY KELLY: 13, we both knocked it in there about

ROD PAMPLING: I made the putt, about three feet.

JERRY KELLY: And that time I was about six feet. I could tell you every play in the Wisconsin game, but I can't tell you

ROD PAMPLING: I was off the green left and I chipped it up to a foot.

Then 16, the par 3, I hit 7 iron there to maybe three foot behind the hole.

JERRY KELLY: I was looking at a car again right there. That was close.

ROD PAMPLING: I'd like to see that one on video. We nearly got the wheels yesterday. We almost got the exhaust today.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: It sets up as quite a finish tomorrow with the scramble. Looks like three teams are sort of up there vying.

ROD PAMPLING: Well, I think the ones that are way down aren't realistically a chance, but yeah, this format anyone can make it shooting 18 under. There's a lot of groups still in it, but yeah, I like the position we're in.

Q. The galleries are just so appreciative of everybody, and they are really in there with Annika, and it's a different kind of clapping. It's light, it sounds like the ladies are really clapping. Have they been respectful and excited about you fellows, too?

JERRY KELLY: It's been fantastic out there this week. I've played here once before, and I certainly didn't see the type of galleries that we're getting out there now. We are really coming to support this event, which is just great for the children's cancer and for Greg. I think they're definitely coming out to see Annika, but what Greg has done for this tournament and this area I think is a big part of that.

ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, they're great out there. We keep hearing the Wisconsin call coming all the time. We haven't heard "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oy, oy, oy" yet. But yeah, they're great. They're really into it. They've come out in force this week, and it's fun out there.

Q. I've covered these tournaments for close to 20 years. I've never seen or heard anything like this, never.

JERRY KELLY: That's great.

ROD PAMPLING: It's a credit to the town.

Q. Jerry, I wanted to ask about a couple of close calls for you this season, not quite able to get the win. What would finishing it off if you're able to do it tomorrow it's not a full field event, but

JERRY KELLY: It would be great. I made some big changes the last year and a half and had some health issues, and I feel great now. Just to be able to perform and help a partner like Rod, that's what this event is all about. It's not as much worrying about doing it for yourself as it is to be there for your partner. That's what I'm trying to do.

Q. How much were you cognizant of what Daly and J.B. were doing? And they were talking yesterday they kind of got through the alternate shot and figured they could play well in the next two formats. Did you want to kind of stay close with them or were you not really following that?

ROD PAMPLING: You don't want to get too far behind those boys. We're far enough behind them off the tee, you don't want to get far behind them on the score, too.

As much as this is the really gun load day today, but if one hits a bad shot, which with their length is a possibility, it puts a lot of pressure back onto them to hit the nice shots, instead of just like yesterday's format, one of them can have a bomb at it and if it pays off, it's great.

I think today is nearly the harder day because you're really got to be there for your partner. It is your own ball, there is no help at any stage.

I don't know how they finished, but I'm certainly happy to be where we are, and I know we're playing really good golf.

JERRY KELLY: I'm a big scoreboard watcher. I think I noticed you watching the scoreboard. I love to know where I am. It doesn't bother me one way or the other. I'm out there trying to make birdies and trying to hit great shots. I'm not worrying about, oh, gee, who's there or falling off. It's where I want to go.

Any time I look at a number on a board, I always want to go one lower than that number on that board. So looking at it I think is a big asset if you can.

Q. Obviously being Australian I guess everyone assumes you've idolized Norman growing up. You kind of even started late like he did. But what's it like to play in this event and what would it mean to win his event?

ROD PAMPLING: Oh, it would be great. He's had a couple of events down in Australia, as well, on the Australian Tour, so we've been trying to win those. But to win an event with his name would be fantastic. I was fortunate enough this year to win the Bay Hill with Arnold's name on it. I think besides the majors, I think any tournament with a Hall of Famer or legend of golf with their name attached is always special to win, especially Greg's with being Australian.

Q. I was wondering how your partnership came about.

ROD PAMPLING: Peter Jacobson had a sore hip.

JERRY KELLY: Peter had hip surgery and couldn't come in, so Greg called Rod, and that's a great benefit to me. We're a great team. I mean, not to say it wouldn't be a great team with Peter; I'd never say that because I'd have a great time. But I think we're very similar and like to go after it.

Q. Have you played together before?

ROD PAMPLING: Not in this kind of format. Obviously in a regular Tour event, definitely before.

This is pretty unique, this tournament right here. We don't get that opportunity very often to play with another professional. You play with an amateur partner quite a lot, but no, this is fun. We're very similar people, personalities, and we're having a ball out there.

JERRY KELLY: We might start maybe on Monday or Tuesday (laughter).

Q. What do you think you're most famous for if someone was to eulogize you today?

JERRY KELLY: I'd probably get Happy Gilmore more than anything. I'm sure it's just the fact that I grew up playing hockey and really wanted to do that for a living, too. But my size wasn't going to do it.

Q. What do you think you're most known for?

ROD PAMPLING: It used to be obviously the Carnoustie deal, but now thankfully I've got rid of that voodoo. Obviously Bay Hill is a huge steppingstone for myself. Yeah, I think it's the Bay Hill champion.

Q. It's not the guy that won the tournament that Greg Owen screwed up?

ROD PAMPLING: You can look at it whichever way you like.

JERRY KELLY: It doesn't matter what happens on the last hole or what happens here. A champion like that who finishes on those holes the way he finished, that's why he won. He's the champion. It's no slam on anybody out there, I couldn't care less what happened. I mean, Nick Faldo won The Masters, you know?

Q. I'm not trying to be harsh, but you have media members, these are the guys who won because Greg Owen

ROD PAMPLING: Well, obviously no one really remembers second too often.

JERRY KELLY: He got the sword.

Q. What do you do with that sword?

ROD PAMPLING: It's on my mantlepiece at home. It sits there on display, so whoever comes to our house, other family or whatever, they definitely want to have a look at it so we have it on display.

JERRY KELLY: It would be a dangerous trophy to have in the Kelly household.

ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, we haven't put the lock on it yet.

Q. Do visitors get to be hands on with it?

ROD PAMPLING: Well, unfortunately it's not the same size. It's only about that size, so it's not the really big sword, which would be pretty impressive. I would put that up above the fireplace. No, it's about that size, so it's not overly big so we can just put it on the mantlepiece.

Q. More of a dagger than a sword?

ROD PAMPLING: I suppose so, but it's a sword. It's the one you want.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Congratulations and good luck tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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