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November 10, 2006

Amelie Mauresmo


Q. Three days ago would you have believed that this could, the situation could be the case?
AMELIE MAURESMO: Not right after the match, no. I was not so positive.
But I'm just very, very happy and very proud about the reaction I have about, you know, how the next day I went back on the court and let the frustration out and also came back yesterday and today from one set down to finally get the win. So I'm just very happy.

Q. Looks as if you're playing Kim tomorrow. Can you talk a bit about that?
I'm trying to think what are the possibilities for anybody else to qualify. But I don't think --

Q. I don't think there are any other ones.
AMELIE MAURESMO: So, yeah, she's been coming back pretty strong after her injury, and obviously last week and here, I didn't watch the match last night, but apparently she played really, really great tennis. But that's the basic thing we're in the semifinal of the championship, four players qualified. Obviously four of them great players and playing their best tennis. So tough fun.

Q. Last year you had the real loss of confidence in Zurich but you came back well in California and then the championships. This year it's happened at the championships but you've come back again.
Do you feel there are parallels?

Q. Do you feel they're parallels? The same thing?
AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, I think really you know I have two Grand Slam titles under my belt right now which probably helped me a lot and maybe that's why I reacted so quickly after the loss on Tuesday. I think last year I really needed some time. I really needed to prove myself things.
And when I feel that, you know, here or in this year in moments when you don't feel so good, I don't have the same feeling to really wonder if, am I am capable of doing great things or whatever. I just have this confidence now.

Q. Just tell us in your opinion what was the key to the match tonight?
AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, at the end of the second set it was very, very important. And I think the tiebreak, when she double fault at 3-all was a key moment. I think she really started very strong and hitting the ball very hard and really playing her game, just the way she knows how to play it.
And you know I was really, really close until that last point of the tiebreak. So I think until then it could have gone either way. Once I got the second set on my side, I really think the fact that, you know, she's already qualified and probably played a role in the third set.

Q. Was that third set one of the best sets you've played this year?

Q. The third set, one of the best sets you've played this year?
AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah, maybe. I don't know. Yeah, probably one of the best. But I played quite a few good sets this year.

Q. You've won two majors, and you beat Justine in two of those and 3-1 against her this year. Obviously the computer is going to say you're not number one, but do feel you have a pretty good argument that you've got the best season?
AMELIE MAURESMO: It's always the question when, I don't know, maybe if I win the championship I would say I have the best season of the three. Maybe Maria or Justine, they will have the best season.
I don't know, I'm just really focusing on myself. I have a great season, I'm just very happy and that's what counts.

Q. You do have an argument that you are number one?
AMELIE MAURESMO: You're going to make the argument. I'll let you do that. [Chuckling]

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