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November 9, 2006

Marc Warren


RODDY WILLIAMS: Marc, thank you very much for coming in and joining us. 6 under 66 today, wasn't your average 66, you've got a bit of a story to tell, particularly on the 15th. I think if you could start by what happened there.

MARC WARREN: Yeah, Simon Dyson was on the tee first, hit his drive straight in the middle of the fairway and kind of blind and it goes a little bit to the left. Then I went bang, down the middle, went past him, had a little bit more draw than him, went out, went through the fairway into the rough and nothing's come up. So marshal is sitting in a bush behind the TV tower and they have not seen my ball in the fairway. In the end after about two or three groups go down, it's a lost ball unfortunately.

Q. So the ball was lost?

MARC WARREN: It was in the middle of the fairway lost ball.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Did you think somebody had picked the ball up, and how did that knock your momentum?

MARC WARREN: Well, the girl outside said she'd seen someone running off, which both of us didn't believe that the balls had been pinched or stolen, especially they were both middle of the fairway and they were fine in the fairway. When you've seen someone run off you tend to think they are stolen, but without proof, if no one sees anyone getting the balls physically getting picked up, it goes down as a lost ball, which happened in this case.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How did you deal with that, because you went on to make birdie after that, and you had chances to make birdies after that, as well.

MARC WARREN: Yeah, I played three with the next ball, which kind of kept the head on a little bit, because obviously I was disappointed with what happened. When something like that happens, it's disappointing.

But managed to make three on the next, and on the next had pretty good chances. The last two didn't go in, but I was pleased to finish at 6 under.

Q. I just want to ask you, you played exceptionally well on the front nine, did you really expect that to happen, and on the back nine, did you actually feel kind of pressure that you might have to keep momentum going and that put you in some kind of pressure that you have to make some more birdies to get a better round or something like that?

MARC WARREN: Well, I got off to a really fast start. I think I was 5 under through seven, 6 under through nine. From there I was just looking to keep going and try and keep the score going and try and improve on it on the back nine, which was my front nine. I knew there was birdie chances to come, so just trying to improve on that really.

I wouldn't say it was unexpected because I've been playing well last couple of months. It's just a continuation of that I think.

Q. Can you tell us which hole the lost ball was on and what happened after the ball went missing, exactly what the penalty was and where did you play your next shot and all that?

MARC WARREN: It was the 15th hole, the tee shot on the 15th hole. Once the ball goes missing, it's just a lot of ball. Back to the tee, carry on from there really. It's just the same as hitting it out of bounds, same thing.

Q. How would you describe your temperament? Many people might have lost it at that moment. Are you sort of calm temperament generally to just put it to the side and get on with the game?

MARC WARREN: Try to. Can lose my head at times and can be really calm at other times. That's something with being young, it comes with maturity as well and confidence, and I'm pretty confident at the moment. So it's something I can quite easily deal with, especially hitting a good drive, good second shot and hole a nice putt, it only goes down as a bogey. So it's nothing too disastrous and easy enough to deal with; especially making birdie on the next and giving myself two chances on 17 and 18. It wasn't a problem really. Wouldn't have liked to have been sitting here kind of 2 or 3 under giving a sob sorry type of thing. It was nice way to finish, I'll take a lot of confidence from that.

Q. You played well today and we're going to have a lot more events in China probably with the European Tour, will you be coming to China more and more? You came last year, also.

MARC WARREN: Yeah, I was here last year. I enjoyed being in China. You come over here, the hotels are fantastic and the golf course is obviously superb, so it's nice to be here. I think Asia on the whole is a place we're going to be with the European Tour and Asian Tour together, we're going to be here more and more. Personally I don't have a problem with it, especially if I'm shooting 66 all the time.

Q. Just going back to the stolen ball, the allegedly stolen ball for a second, obviously you did bogey the hole. Do you think if that hadn't happened you may be sitting here with a share of the lead this evening?

MARC WARREN: I think I would have been one in front if that hadn't happened, as I went 3 3.

It's all off the books, it's happened now and I finished strongly after that. I just take a lot from it that I was in the face of adversity, if you like, and come back with a good finish. It's something I'm pretty proud of to be sitting here only one behind after that.

Q. Being voted rocky of the year for 2006, what's your expectations for 2007 and the future?

MARC WARREN: Well, I had a good year last year, 42nd on the Order of Merit and Rookie of the Year obviously is a great start for me to my main tour career and hopefully I'll continue, keep working hard and trying to improve on that. My goals for this season will just be try and improve on what I've done last season, try and beat my 42nd position.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Marc, could you just run through the details of your birdies, with the clubs.

MARC WARREN: First was driver, 9 iron to about five feet, birdie.

2, driver then 3 wood just over the back, chipped it to about six inches, birdie.

Then I had a 6 iron to about 15 feet behind the hole on 4. Holed that.

On 5, I hit it in the right fairway trap. I was under the lip and 172 and had a high slice and a 5 iron to about two feet, which was all right.

And then on 7, I hit lob wedge, 2 iron off the tee and lob wedge to about 12 feet, 15 feet and holed that for birdie.

On 8, could have went for the green. Laid up to about 80 yards and hit it to about 12 feet behind the hole. Holed it.

11, I hit sand wedge, driver off the tee, sand wedge to about 15 feet and holed that.

Sand wedge, I missed the fairway, 3 wood, sand wedge short of the green and then chipped about 15 feet past and left it short in the jaws.

Then the birdie on 15 was a driver, 6 iron to about 20 feet for birdie.

Birdied 16. I holed about a 40 footer there for birdie after a lob wedge in from 80 yards. That was a Freudian slip there on 15.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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