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December 12, 2002

Pablo Del Olmo

Esteban Toledo


RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you very much for coming in. You had a lot of good support out there. If you could start us off with your thoughts on today and how you played.

ESTEBAN TOLEDO: I was very proud playing here and the people were receiving us very well. When I came at nine o'clock in the morning, what made me very happy, the children at the entrance of were there with flags, and so that made me very happy, knowing that I was here for the World Cup.

PABLO DEL OLMO: We feel very warmly welcomed by the locals here. There is a lot of support from the people. There's a lot of happiness around them so that makes us happy.

I had a little trouble concentrating at the beginning because I had prepared a strategy, but I was not playing it at the beginning. Like on the fourth hole, we played a little bit on the left and I was in a ditch. Then on the sixth, I was playing all right, I was aiming to the right but ended up on left side and it did not work out. On the 11th hole, my ball, there was a palm tree, and it went into the palm tree. So it was a difficult day because nothing worked.

Q. Do you think you did not prepare enough, based on how you played today?

ESTEBAN TOLEDO: I think we were playing well. I played Monday, the first three days very well with a strategy. Maybe because of today, with the cameras and everything, everybody was hoping so much for us, we missed a few shots. So tomorrow, which will be the second round, we will play a little closer. I did not think it -- I thought we would do better. We had some problems driving.

But we can't win in one day; you win over four days. We didn't play the par 5s very well. So, this will be the key to doing better over the weekend. We started very fast but then it slowed down from there.

We were not confident and firm in our driving, we were either to the right or to the left, never in the middle of the fairway. Tomorrow we will have a different strategy, so we will to have more confidence going into tomorrow.

Today Pablo played first but tomorrow I will play first. Pablo is going to finish on the 18th hole.

The greens were a little slow, but we are talking about the World Cup, so it's not something that is easy necessarily. Yes, we are playing golf, but we are playing a golf tournament.

Q. Are you going to have more confidence in one another tomorrow?

ESTEBAN TOLEDO: We learned a lot today. When balanced each other out. I was in the middle when Pablo was on the left; we were able to balance out.

Q. Are you worried about the inconsistency of your play for tomorrow?

ESTEBAN TOLEDO: I have confidence in Pablo. We talked about tomorrow being another day and we will have a new strategy. Pablo is going to feel better tomorrow, more comfortable. We have confidence that tomorrow that Pablo is going to have nice shots and is going to work better.

Q. Have you planned on another form of play?

PABLO DEL OLMO: We are going to come with a new mentally for the new format for tomorrow and more attention. I'm going to put it in the fairway and Esteban will attack the flags. The alternate-shot is very different than format. That's why it's played on the last day.

Q. Maybe in Mexico, we never had that much publicity on the golf event, are you aware of the magnitude and did you practice enough to be competitive?

ESTEBAN TOLEDO: Mexico needs to be known to the rest of the world. We are leading on the right track so the PGA Mexico will make golf more known. We are developing an image, a good image for golf, the improvement of golf in Mexico. So it will be the children who will benefit from the work that we are doing and the image that we are showing.

Q. Without public golf courses, the access is very restricted.

ESTEBAN TOLEDO: I have passed through this myself. It isn't important if you're rich or poor, but it is important that the private courses open a little bit to the players, to the young players, in order to have more professional players in the future.

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