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March 3, 2004

Robert-Jan Derksen


Q. I take it your glad to be here?

ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yes! It's great to be back. I had a great time last year and am looking forward to this year as well actually because I have stated to hit the ball really well in the last couple of days and I know the course quite well now.

Q. Did you get a flood of memories of last year when you arrived here this week?

ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yes, it all came back as the whole thing, especially the last round and my approach to the last hole. It doesn't seem that long ago actually as I can clearly remember it like it was just a month ago and it is all positive things, like where to hit certain shots from etc, so I think that is a good sign for this week.

Q. How's the form?

ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: It's ok, I changed a few things with Scott (Granfield) over the winter. We both thought that we had to change a few things to make me more consistent. I've been playing ok, I have made three out of four cuts in the events I have played this year. I have not finished too high on the leaderboards and sometimes you hit a really poor shot but that is what happens when you make changes and over the past couple of days I have felt it coming good.

Q. Has coming here made you feel more comfortable?

ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: I think so, yes. This place must have an effect on me because I'm hitting the ball very well.

Q. What changes did you make?

ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Two things as the posture and the take away. The posture has to be a bit more straight and the take away has to be less close.

Q. Must be a strange feeling to change those two parts of your address?

ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: When I first lined up to the ball like that I thought I would never be able to hit a ball like that, but the feeling does get better and it is a long term strategy. I had been doing wrong for 15 years so it takes a while to adapt because when you are out playing in a tournament under difficult circumstances it is easy to fall back to your old ways.

Q. It's a very strong field you are defending against?

ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: It is a strong field but we'll just have to see how it goes as I think defending any tournament is difficult, but if my game comes together you never know what could happen.

End of FastScripts.

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