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August 12, 1999

Dorothy Delasin


RHONDA GLENN: You've done some great things in national championships. You won the Girls' Junior and you beat Grace Park in that. How does this rank, making it to the final four of this championship?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Feels like I won. I haven't got this far before, and I'm just so happy.

Q. What did you do well out there today, Dorothy? What worked for you? Was it your driver? Was it your irons?

DOROTHY DELASIN: It was all around. I think everything was working.

Q. Including your confidence; right?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Mm-hmm. Definitely.

Q. Why is it different this year than the last couple of years, or how is it different?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Last year probably was down; I'd easily give up. This year, I'm not going to give up and I'm just going to go for it.

Q. You and your dad talk a lot. Does he help you mentally? Does he keep you up?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Yeah, he just tells me to relax and breathe. I think I was holding my breath on that last putt.

Q. Turning points in the match from your perspective.

DOROTHY DELASIN: On my second match? I think it was on 16. I mean, I was 1-up going to 16, and I knew that she can birdie it because she's really good. And when I was 2-up, I could tell it was -- all I had to do was par it.

Q. How long was the putt on 15? Did you make a pretty long putt on the par 3?

DOROTHY DELASIN: That was about five feet.

Q. Okay. Did you miss the green there?


Q. Got a little excited there?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Yeah, I did, because I didn't make many putts that were left-to-right. I would always leave it too low. And I was like: Uh-oh. And I have another left-to-right putt. And I was like: Just put it; trust it. And luckily, it went in.

RHONDA GLENN: Your dad seems pretty happy out there. He laughs a lot. He talks to the gallery. Does that help you?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Yeah, it helped me relax a bit. I don't get too serious. He's laughing. I'm just laughing with him because he's always asking for beer. (Laughter.)

Q. What's his name?


Q. Have you played Kellee before?

DOROTHY DELASIN: No. This is my first time playing her.

Q. How do you feel playing the top-ranked player?

DOROTHY DELASIN: I'm just going to try my best tomorrow. I know she's going to play good and play well.

RHONDA GLENN: You talked about turning professional real soon, but you have put yourself in a position to have a really good shot at the Curtis Cup team. Does that make a difference in your decision?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Yeah. I mean, if I'm picked to be one of the members of the Curtis Cup, then I'll wait and play that one and then turn pro after that.

RHONDA GLENN: Are you a dual citizen?

DOROTHY DELASIN: Not now. Before I was.

RHONDA GLENN: You were born in Texas?


RHONDA GLENN: I know you're tired. Thank you very much for being with us. Get some rest and we'll see you tomorrow.


End of FastScripts….

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