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November 5, 2006

Peter Gilmore

Tatiana Hladyr


THE MODERATOR: We would like to bring up our first American finisher, Pete Gilmore who ran a time of 2:13 and our runner-up on the women's side, Tatiana Hladyr.
Peter, we could see you in the picture, it was a very large pack of 28 men for a long time. It became fractured on First Avenue coming up, there was an injection of energy, and you were still in the picture. Talk about today's race.
PETER GILMORE: Well, I was planning on going out at about 65, 30 through the half which I thought would be right behind the leaders. As it turned out I was right with them. Every now and then I would fall back and then I could catch up. I was with them all the way up to the top of the bridge pretty much. I could see them up ahead.
Like you said, down on First Avenue the speed got going a bit and it got strung out. There were still guys that were up there, and there were guys that were having trouble. I just kept gunning for people that were ahead. One by one they came back, some of them did, a lot of them did. That's the way a lot of the races I have run have unfolded.
I'd like to be at the point in my career where I could go out with anyone and no matter what the pace is, but that hasn't happened yet. It's something I'm working on. And at this point, I am trying to just get faster and run smart races.
THE MODERATOR: In the women's race, Tatiana, you made a bold move, you made a break, and on the commentary, the television we were watching, we were not even sure you were in the race for the long haul. They thought maybe you were pace-setting for Jelena. Talk about having run here last year, and then coming back this year and being triumphant.
TATIANA HLADYR: Last year, I placed 11th. This year I trained more serious, much more seriously for this marathon. And, well, the result speaks for itself.

Q. Wondering if you were surprised that the rest of the pack allowed you and Jelena to get so far ahead?
TATIANA HLADYR: Yes, for me it was a big surprise that nobody supported Jelena and I; that tactically, I was prepared for it. In past races I was ready to score 2:23, 24, and that was my idea.

Q. Peter, tell us at what point did you pass Dathan, and what were your thoughts when you did pass him?
PETER GILMORE: I passed him at about the 25-mile mark, right where you turn right on Central Park South. Early in the race I saw him a lot when the pack was together. But then we kind of lost touch. Then I saw him again on Fifth Avenue in that long uphill mile there at 22, 23 miles. I saw him up ahead and to be honest, I was pretty excited because I had already passed Culpepper, I had already passed Meb. And to see Dathan up there, I knew there were not any Americans up ahead. He was up there -- last year I had a similar experience passing Ryan Shay at almost the same point where I first saw him and I didn't think I was going to be able to catch Dathan because he looked like he was still turning over pretty fast, and it took a while to make up that distance.
When I do, I try to do it with authority. I didn't want to pass him gently, I wanted to go by quick so he wouldn't hop on me. And we were pretty close to the end. At that point I was still running hard for a while, because I wasn't sure that the place was secure. But, boy, when I got close to the finish, that last quarter mile, I got really fired up. It was a really exciting finish?

Q. How would you rate today's performance, Peter?
PETER GILMORE: Well, my best time was in Boston this year. Both races had great weather and both races are on tough courses. It's hard to choose one over the other. This is pretty spectacular. They unfolded in completely opposite manners. At Boston the lead pack was out at an insane pace. I didn't see them after three miles. I ran with Brian Cell, trading off miles for 16 miles. There was nobody around.
Here I had a huge pack of guys in front of me. It couldn't be more different but they both ended up pretty close. The time, I don't know, things go one way or the other at the end of these races, and maybe my pace was slightly different at one pace or another; would I have run 30 seconds faster or 30 seconds slower, who knows. But it was right up there. Those two, this and Boston this year, are going to go down as special memories for me. And it was especially nice getting into the top ten, and being the first American, considering there was so many spectacular runners here today.

Q. You came very late in the week, only arrived yesterday. Why did you come late, and what was the reason behind that?
TATIANA HLADYR: I was working to win and I was on a special diet, and I wanted to keep to it and come here when I was fully prepared, so that I would achieve and show the best result that I can. That was the idea behind coming so late.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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