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November 5, 2006

Marilson Gomes dos Santos


THE MODERATOR: We just heard from our second and third place finishers today, and when you made a break, they let you go, and then they realized you could win and they tried to catch you. Did you have the element of surprise on your side?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: It was a surprise. To win a marathon, you have to have courage and today I had courage and I had courage to go win the race.

Q. When you made your break, were you surprised that they didn't come with you, and I noticed you were looking -- you looked over your shoulder many times. Why were you doing that?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: I was looking behind to make sure that I kept the same distance, and to even open a little bit more so I have a better chance to close, to win the race at the end.

Q. I understand that you were not surprised that you won, but do you think some of your opponents were surprised at how well you ran; that they underestimated you?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: In a marathon, you don't joke around. There were some top runners there, but I was one of them. So when I made the break, I could keep that pace, and I could respond if somebody else made a break at that time.

Q. Did you know (inaudible)?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: Yes, I know him well, we run in the same coach and sometimes we train together. We are part of the same club.

Q. On television, they say much of your training occurs on the track; true or not true?

Q. Tell us about your training.
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: I've been training in Campo, a city 200 kilometers from Sao Paulo. This year I ran four or five thousand kilometers, maybe that is what they meant.

Q. Your lead was by half a minute or more and by the 25th mile it was down to about 12 or 15 seconds, were you nervous at the end, and what were you telling yourself in the last half-mile of the race?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: Not really. I wanted to control my pace to make sure that I have something left for the end. So I couldn't feel the pace at the end of the race, so I wasn't slowing down. I was controlling the pace so make sure I had something left for the last part of the race.

Q. How confident do you feel now about your ability to race consistently in your next marathons with this type of field?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: Yes, definitely, I feel confident. I feel now I'm one of the top guys and I'm ready to run against them in any marathon, any major marathon.

Q. During the later miles of the race, you looked back once, and you looked become again twice, and there was a woman behind you, did you think it was someone behind you, not a woman behind you?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: Yes, I really wanted to control the space, and then I thought somebody was coming on me, but it was a female.

Q. What's the first thing that you'll do in Brazil when you get back?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: I want to rest because I was 40 days away from my family training very hard. I want to rest some, stay with my family and then start training for my next marathon.

Q. Where are you coming from in Brazil, what kind of background do you come from? Tell us about yourself, your official name was Gomes on your bib number today.
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: I was born in Brazil, the capital of Brazil. Then I went to Sao Paulo when I was 15 and recruited by a running club then.
I like soccer and I am known in Brazil, because I won a race on New Year's Eve, the biggest race in Brazil and a national competition. I beat the winner of this year's Boston Chicago Marathon this past New Year's Eve.

Q. Do you have a nickname?

Q. Can you tell us exactly where you broke away, if it was a plan, or if it was spontaneous?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: I was planning to go if it felt good to try to make, to make a break on the race. On mile 19, I was feeling good, and I made the break, and nobody went with me.

Q. Were you surprised that nobody did go with you?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: Yes, because many of the runners in the group know me. I am not surprised that I took the lead, but more surprised that they did not react to my lead; that they didn't go with me.

Q. Have you spoken with anybody in Brazil yet?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: I spoke to my coach, but there are probably 20 phone calls on my cell phone from Brazil that I have not been able to take because I have been at the awards ceremony. But I spoke to my coach, Dominguez.

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