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November 5, 2006

Ed Vasturs


Q. How did you do today?
ED VISTURS: I did pretty well, 15, I think.

Q. Just talk about the comparisons or contrasts between the New York City Marathon versus your other accomplishments?
ED VISTURS: Well, a lot of the climbing I do are multi-day events, or sometimes six or eight or ten weeks in a row and the summit day itself could be anywhere from 12 to 18 hours in duration, so you're on your feet for 18 hours at altitudes over 26,000 feet.
For me, I guess my body was used to the endurance part of it and knowing how to survive without eating and drinking too much and this was a little over three hours, compared to 18 hours in the mountains.

Q. This is your first marathon, you're 47 and you live in northern California. Your official time was 3:18.
Lance Armstrong was just in here talking about the feeling.
ED VISTURS: Yeah, the last few miles it seems the mile markers get further and further apart rather than closer together. The crowd goes crazy, and in the last three miles, you're feeling good and you can tell the people that are not feeling good, the ones that are not blocking and slowing down. I felt pretty good. I guessed I would go three and a half hours, but I did better than I thought.

Q. Are you going to race a marathon again?
ED VISTURS: Am I going to race a marathon again? Let me think about it. I'm going back to Everest in the spring, so that will keep me busy.

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