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November 4, 2006

Jim Furyk


Q. Will somebody have to shoot 18 tomorrow to beat you?

JIM FURYK: I don't know what it is. Someone has to shoot 13 tomorrow? I don't know what the shot differential has to be. I don't care. Just go play good. It would be nice to win it, but try to focus on getting out there and winning a golf tournament tomorrow.

Q. It's a pretty strong leaderboard right now.

JIM FURYK: It's a pretty strong field (laughing).

Q. Well, it seems like the first four days everybody was talking about who wasn't here, and the guys who are, it's pretty much in order, the remainder of the world Top 10?

JIM FURYK: Right, yeah, and rightfully so. Obviously Tiger and Phil are big draws, so we understand that being definitely a story line this week. But there's a lot of good players here. And as you said, a bunch of them are right at the top of the leaderboard.

It should be a shootout tomorrow. There's a bunch of guys at the top of the leaderboard within earshot.

Q. You got kind of a late kick start, treading water and then birdieing

JIM FURYK: Yeah, started off by birdieing 1 but then gave shots back at 3 and 5, and kind of plugging along and finished 1 over on the front. Then you turn around and birdie 10, which I hit driver, 3 iron in there today. So it's not a hole you expect to make birdie on.

Again, just plugging along, and birdieing 15, 16, and 17 really was a kick start. Really puts me in a better frame of mind going into tomorrow, and gets me that much closer to being close to the lead.

At the time Adam was 5, but he's since jumped to 7 with an eagle. I'm still within firing distance, and a bunch of us have kind of closed that gap a little bit.

Q. How do you feel about a golf course ending with a par 3?

JIM FURYK: It's fine. It's rare, but it's obviously a very difficult, good golf hole. A lot can happen on that lost hole.

A one or two shot lead is probably not safe.

Q. If you're playing well coming into the stretch on any golf course, and the 72nd hole is a par 3, par 4 or par 5, what would you prefer if you're playing well?

JIM FURYK: What do I have to make? If I have to make birdie, I want it to be a par 5.

I guess good news, bad news on a par 3 is you only have to hit one good shot. A guy coming in with the lead tomorrow really only has to hit that one good shot and he can probably win the tournament, whereas on a par 4, par 5, you have to hit a few good shots.

If I have to make birdie I want it to be a par 5. I want a short iron in my hand rather than a 3 iron or 3 wood that you have back there on the 18th tee.

End of FastScripts.

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