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November 3, 2006

Adam Scott


Q. Adam, talk a little bit about the round. 67, you're 3 under today when a lot of guys were going higher than that. Talk about your round.

ADAM SCOTT: Course is still playing tough, even though the wind was down. I drove the ball well today, hit a lot of fairways, and that gives you a chance to at least attack the pins a little bit.

I did a pretty good job of that. I didn't make everything, but I got a few to go down, so overall it was pretty solid.

Q. With this kind of an elite field and this kind of a challenging course, does it have the feel of a major out there?

ADAM SCOTT: No. The course setup is very similar. The rough doesn't look long, but it's extremely difficult. It's more unpredictable, and that's a good kind of rough. That's what we all enjoy playing in.

You never know, you might get a break, get up to the green, it might jump, it might come out dead. It's a little bit more fun that way rather than knowing you're in eight inch long rough and just hacking out. I really like the way they've set the course up this week.

Q. As far as the Tour owning events, THE PLAYERS and this are the two biggest events. You've won THE PLAYERS. How big is this one to you?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, to win the two biggest Tour events would be great, but I think for me this year, this would be a great way for me to finish the year and really feel like I've gotten something out of my good play throughout the year. So I've got two hard days ahead of me, and I've got to push myself.

Q. Ernie told us that if you don't have a good year and you manage to get here, this tournament is a lot bigger than if you've had a great year and you end up not getting here. Do you believe that?

ADAM SCOTT: I think so. I think for guys like me and Ernie who have not won a tournament this year, we're really thinking we want to win this. This is a big event, whereas a guy like Geoff Ogilvy, who's won two of the biggest events there is, is just really enjoying himself. If he plays well, that's a bonus.

Q. You've got to feel good about your position on top.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's a good spot to be. A lot of guys are just right there, and a few shots is nothing out here. I really need to keep it going and play consistent over the weekend.

End of FastScripts.

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