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July 31, 1998

Glen Day


DAVE SENKO: Glen, 64 including, I guess, on 3 and 5. Maybe just recap your day.

GLEN DAY: I made a good up-and-down on 2, and 3 hit driver, 3-wood short of the green. And I was about, oh, 15 steps short of the green and hit a good chip, happened to go in. Then got around to the next par 5 and hit driver 2-iron and just got lucky; must have hit a hard spot in the fairway. It ran all the way back to about four feet, made it.

DAVE SENKO: How far was it?

GLEN DAY: 2-iron I was about 250 to the hole. Then parred the next hole. Then hit good 5-iron or 5-iron in on 7. Birdie. Good shot on 8. Pulled my drive on 9 again in the left rough, chipped out, made bogey. Hit a really good 4-iron to about ten feet on ten or fifteen feet on 10, made that for birdie. Bogey at 14. Hit it in the water at 14. That was pretty stupid. Just didn't hit it solid and cut it, went in the water. Hit 2-iron. Got up-and-down for bogey. Then I hit a little 9-iron really close about five feet on the next hole which was good and made that. Then I hit driver, 3-wood about eight feet on the par 5, and lagged it. That was terrible. Made birdie. Then I hit 5-iron really good on 17, about 15 feet behind the hole. Lagged that. Just to make sure, so par. Then I hit 5-iron on 18, pin-high about 15, 18 feet right and happened to -- the hole got in the way.

DAVE SENKO: How about on 7, how far was your putt on 7?

GLEN DAY: Oh, about eight feet.

DAVE SENKO: And your chip on 3, how far would you say?

GLEN DAY: Oh, about 20, 25 steps.

Q. How far was the 4-iron -- I mean, the 2-iron on 5?

GLEN DAY: I don't remember. I think I had like 250 to the hole and 220 something to the front.

DAVE SENKO: Do you remember the last time you hit two eagles in a round?

GLEN DAY: No. I don't make a lot of eagles. So, no. I don't know if I have ever had two eagles in a round.

Q. Do you feel like this is a home course for you considering Little Rock and Ole Missi --

GLEN DAY: Not really a home course, but you feel like you are playing more at home than other places. There is a lot of people here from Little Rock. There is a lot of people that I know who live here in Memphis, you know, so I am seeing a lot of people that I don't get to see a whole lot. And some people that I do see coming over from Memphis-- mean from Little Rock. So it is fun. I get to see a lot of people that I don't see. For me, it is good because I don't concentrate so much on my golf or worrying about playing good or bad because as soon as I hit a shot I am saying hello to somebody. So, it is good for me. I enjoy it.

Q. There is so many people around here that claim you, Ole Missi, Little Rock... Can you give us your two-minute version of why this is and maybe just a little chronological order of which way you went?

GLEN DAY: I group up in Popperville, Missippi. Went to Ole Missi for three years; went to Oklahoma -- University of Oklahoma where I graduated. My wife is from Hot Springs, Arkansas. When we got married, we moved to Little Rock. That is under two minutes, how good is that?

DAVE SENKO: How different are conditions today compared to yesterday for you?

GLEN DAY: You know, I think it was all about the same. It wasn't as hot and I still got a little heated on like 16th tee. I mean, the putt -- I stand over the putt on 16, I had a headache. Yesterday, I got hot. I mean, this is like a marathon. If you play good, great. But, you need to finish and it is tough out there. As long as the clouds -- it is kind of cloudy right now so it is not as nearly as hot as it was yesterday afternoon. I believe somebody said nine people went down yesterday, two players and seven caddies or something. So I mean, it is like a marathon.

Q. What is it about this year for you that suddenly the green light is on and you are on "Go;" all the money you have earned so far?

GLEN DAY: It is amazing the lower the scores you shoot, the more money they put in your account. It is the damndest thing I have ever seen. Nobody told me that. (Laughter). I have just been making putts. I got on a real -- just like I tell everybody, I had a really good year one month. I finished second, third, second. That is good. But the rest of the time I have been playing solid. You just -- you get to a level and then you expect yourself to play good. Even when you are playing bad, you expect to finish good. And when you are playing good, now you have the confidence; you think: I am supposed to be here. You know, this is right where I am -- I am a lot more comfortable on top of the leaderboard now than I am just trying to make the cut. I am very uncomfortable when I am playing bad and I am extremely comfortable when I am playing good. I was extremely comfortable on the drive on 17, the second shot, same thing with 18. Very good golf shots. Part of it is I am swinging good and hitting good. Other part is just confidence.

Q. Did you leave Ole Missi to go to Oklahoma?

GLEN DAY: I enjoyed college too much. I quit golf for a year. And was still at Ole Missi. Went to Oklahoma to resume playing golf again. I had a ball though, man.

Q. Are you saying then that Ole Missi is a better party school than Oklahoma?

GLEN DAY: Well, now - I will have to take the fifth amendment on this now. That is pretty cold-blooded. I really, really, really enjoyed college. And I graduated, don't ask me -- you have that dream that you forgot to take that English class? Oh, man. But, I had fun. Ole Missi was a lot of fun and I went to Oklahoma more with the mindset to play golf.

Q. Why the switch from Ole Waverly to Chenal?

GLEN DAY: Well, I was with Ole Waverly for a while and the end I had a contract with them to represent them and the contract ran out and they have got the Women's Open this year and they got their name out. I believe they did what they wanted to do and it was just a little far for me to go all -- I couldn't go as much. And, so I just ended up you, know, at Chenal. They had wanted me to represent them before. It just seemed like the right thing to do - represent somebody where I live.

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