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July 23, 2005

Greg Norman


Q. That birdie at the last it was the shot of the day.

GREG NORMAN: Well, at least I have the shot of something, anyway.

Q. You talk about slowly working your back, your way back into competitive golf and being patient with yourself, but in many ways you look like you haven't missed a beat and you could be ready tomorrow.

GREG NORMAN: Well, thank you very much. I kind of missed the heat of the battle, really. I think once you've ridden that bike you want to get back on it as soon as you possibly can. And I'm trying to keep myself as patient as possible. And, yeah, I know I'm just still working on my game. It seems when I get it going, then I fall back. And so I'm just trying to be as patient as I can. But my nature, Judy, that's pretty hard to be.

But I know I'm striking the ball well, I know I'm striking the ball solid, and considering that I've only been at it for about three and a half weeks now, it's very, very encouraging. So I'm looking forward to, obviously, to tomorrow. And then getting back to Dayton, Ohio to see what NCR is going to be all about.

Q. Well, it looks like you're in the middle of three very good weeks for you. Good luck.

GREG NORMAN: Thank you, Judy. You got it.

Q. Three consecutive good rounds on your part. Looking forward to tomorrow, your plans and thoughts as far as trying to win this championship?

GREG NORMAN: Well, tomorrow I just got to eliminate some of these crazy mistakes. You need actually a few good breaks and a few good bounces I didn't feel like I got those to shoot a sub 70 round today. You need that to happen tomorrow.

I should take it easy with my expectations, I guess, on myself, but I really feel like I'm in a position to strike which is a good position to be after only being back for basically seven rounds of golf now.

So tomorrow I'm going to go out there and depending upon the weather conditions, I'm probably going to be as patient as I was today, but to make sure that you just get a little bit more aggressive with some of the shots when you can. These greens are giving up some spin, so you can get at them with the short irons. So if you get the ball in the fairway you can go at it, which I guess is what Watson did today.

End of FastScripts.

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