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November 18, 1997

Jerry Colangelo

Joe Garagiola, Jr.

Buck Showalter


JOE GARAGIOLA, JR.: To complete our deal for Felix Rodriguez we are sending Scott Winchester to Cincinnati as the player to be named later. Pitcher Chuck McElroy will be going to Colorado for Harvey Pulliam. Martinez to the Florida Marlins for White. And Joe Randa will be going to Detroit Tigers for Travis Fryman.
Devon about a years or so ago called up and said ‑‑ because he lives out here, he wanted to be able to get some tickets for his family. And he called me about a month ago to remind me of that. I told him tonight we sold so many season tickets, the only way I could accommodate him was to get him in the player section. That's the way we made the deal. I think we're all pretty excited to be at this point in the process. I said to Vince it seems like a week ago we were in Palm Beach kind of sweating out the awarding of the franchise, and now finally we have a team to go with our manager. I would echo Chuck's comments about Major League Baseball and the fine job they've done setting this up. It was a great moment for baseball and we can once again kind of claim center stage in our off season, and speaking for myself and all of our people who have worked so hard over the last year and a half, it's one of those rare events where the event was better than the anticipation, and I can tell you our anticipation was pretty high.
JERRY COLANGELO: I would rather ‑‑ we'll answer any questions. Buck doesn't want to say anything yet. But they did a great job. These two fellows in particular, our whole staff was incredible, and it was a great experience for me to see how baseball works on the inside. And I'm very proud of the job they did, and I was very happy this event was held in Phoenix, it made it a little more convenient for us, and I hope everyone appreciated the good weather that we arranged for.

Q. Buck, talk about the acquisitions of Travis Fryman and Devon White.
BUCK SHOWALTER: We felt like going into the draft that center field was going to be a premium position, we had prepped it out, and obviously it looks like that with McCracken going very early, depending on what happens with him, we won't know until all trades and transactions are announced, and Devon's obviously a young man living in Phoenix, someone we're proud to have with the organization. He's been with a couple of ‑‑ a lot of good clubs, and some championship clubs, also, and the type of guy we'd like to have play center field for us next year. And we'll see what the future brings. Travis Fryman, anytime you have a chance to acquire a young man of his playing skills and character we're very proud of that move. And to put him alongside Jay Bell really gives you a comfortable feeling. We were very ‑‑ we felt good about the pitching part of the draft, what we were able to acquire, compared to what was on the board. Devon and Travis put us in a better situation, where we can continue to try to put a product out on the field that our fans are proud of, and that was the bottom line.

Q. Are your deals finished for the night?
JOE GARAGIOLA, JR.: I think for the night, that being the operative time frame.

Q. What about tomorrow?
JOE GARAGIOLA, JR.: Tomorrow is another day.

Q. How does Karim Garcia fit in the future of the Diamondbacks?
JOE GARAGIOLA, JR.: Hopefully he fits into it in a long lasting way. Karim Garcia is somebody who from the beginning we had very high on our boards. He's 22 years old, you'd think Karim Garcia has been around for a while. He's a young man, still learning the game. He's a fine baseball player who we think has great, untapped potential and if he can become someone that our fans in Mexico can relate to in a special way, that's just an added benefit. So we are doublely pleased to have him.

Q. In picking two players from Sonora, just south of the border you made some friends already.
JOE GARAGIOLA, JR.: They have a motto I wouldn't try in Spanish, so hopefully this helps.

Q. Roughly how many deals did you guys have in place before the draft, the scenarios, and what was it like sweating those out?
JOE GARAGIOLA, JR.: To answer the second part first, not a lot of fun. As to deals in place, not a lot of deals in place. There was a tremendous amount of conversation starting early this morning and continuing on until about three picks from the end of the draft. Things were coming together and falling apart and being considered and that's what's great. I think, again, I think this is the kind of activity that we used to see at the old winter meetings that the fans love. And to have been on the inside looking out at it is a lot of fun.

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