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October 28, 2006

Loren Roberts


THE MODERATOR: Loren, maybe just get us started. Talk about 4 under, 68 today, and you're a couple back going into tomorrow.

LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah. I just played really solid today. You know, I had a lot of 2 putts and I guess I probably birdied the holes I should have. I birdied 3 out of 4 Par 5s, and I birdied the first hole. Just played solid. I drove the ball really good today. Had a lot of opportunity. So hopefully tomorrow to be honest with you, I'm a little surprised that I'm only 2 back. I thought Jay and Tom were off to the races on the front 9, and I thought, they were going to open up a bit of distance. But it looks like it's going to be a shootout tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Do you remember your birdies on the one, shot sequence?

LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah. I hit a sand wedge in there probably about four feet for birdie.

THE MODERATOR: And then 8.

LOREN ROBERTS: 8, knocked it on the front of the green and 2 putted from there for birdie.


LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah. Missed the green left there. Had a tough chip. Made about a 15 footer for birdie there at 15.

A good thing for me was I hit it the only other bad shot I hit was left of the green on down in some hay on 14, the Par 3 and get it up and down. Ended up making about a 12 footer for par there, which was crucial. I mean, I could have really thrown it away there.

And then 2 putted 16 for birdie, and had two good looks the last two holes and didn't make either one of them. So by and large, I feel like I'm right there, and hopefully tomorrow I can make a few more of those 10 or 12 footers.

Q. You played with Thorpe today. What can you tell us about Thorpe? Have you ever played with him on the Regular TOUR?


Q. And he seems to be I mean, he has a lot of things to say.

LOREN ROBERTS: Oh, yeah. I tell you, I don't think there's not one guy on this TOUR that doesn't love Jim Thorpe. You know, he's got a humor about him that's just great. You know, he's got great attitude about things and he's fun to play with. I enjoy it.

They announced us on the first tee today, and they announced him as only winning three tournaments on the TOUR. That surprised me. Is that correct? He's won more than that. He won the match played two years in a row at least. And I know he won in Milwaukee and

Q. You're talking about the regular TOUR?

LOREN ROBERTS: I'm talking about the regular TOUR.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LOREN ROBERTS: You're kidding me. That shocks the heck out of me, because I know he won back to back match plays in Tucson.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LOREN ROBERTS: That's surprises me, because he is a really good ball striker. He hit it close, so...

Q. In some ways it looks like he overpowers the course. What is it about his game?

LOREN ROBERTS: He is an athlete, because he played another sport besides golf at a high level. He's an athlete. He brings kind of an athletic you know, strong guy kind of mix to the game. That's what he does. He overpowers the ball with his strength. Every time I played him he's hit the ball great. He's fun to play with. I just enjoy playing with him.

Q. Today on TV they showed from down the line behind not that I'm a swing doctor but it seemed like your right elbow was tight.

LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, I've been working on it. I'll tell you what, for me, I drove the ball really good today. I used to hit a lot of fairways, and today I felt like I drove it and kept it in play all day. And really yeah, outside of the one up and down, I felt like I shot about the highest score I could. We'll go out tomorrow, and that's when it's going to be fun.

Q. With all due respect to Jim, obviously he is in the lead, but you and Jay have been linked all year. Here you're on the final tournament and you're both right there. (Inaudible)

LOREN ROBERTS: You know, it would have been fun if Jay and I could have played in the final group. I guess I am in the last group with Jim, aren't I? I was off 18 green and I know somebody hit it in close at 18.

Q. They both did.

LOREN ROBERTS: Both, close ones? Yeah. I think it's anybody's tournament tomorrow.

Q. Do you separate this tournament as your race with Jay, I guess, or

LOREN ROBERTS: You're going to have to. Because obviously the first day Jay and I played together and we both kind of stumbled around the golf course all day. So, you know, I don't know if we were holding each other back or what, but you got to put it aside and just try to go out and win the golf tournament.

Because obviously the person that can win the golf tournament is going win the Charles Schwab Cup. That's the way you have to look on the it.

Q. When you talk about the final round tomorrow and this being a shoot out, what do you mean by that? Does that mean taking chances? Being aggressive? Going for broke?

LOREN ROBERTS: You know, I've never been a go for broke player. Always been a conservative player. But I think that I'm probably going to have to be a little more aggressive when I get shorter irons in my hands. It's hard to get the ball close out here if you have a longer iron.

But there are several wedge and 9 iron holes for me out here, and I have to take advantage of those.

Q. Is the rough an appropriate length for this type of tournament?

LOREN ROBERTS: I think it's great. I think this is the year end final. I mean, the golf course is set up almost like a major golf course in that you've got really tough rough; you've got firm, fast fairways; slick greens. I think it's the way you need to have it at the end of the year.

Q. You made reference to Jim's sense of humor. Any stories from today? Any moment when he said something funny?

LOREN ROBERTS: I don't think I'm going to go there.

End of FastScripts.

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